Sunday, September 26, 2010

Benefit She Laq Review

Oh man! Have I got a product to share with you. I have been dying to try the potion in this dark blue bottle for a while now. It has been calling to me with it deep blue ethereal hazy color. Also the image of the lady on the bottle so Gypsy like and mysterious. Well, who could resist. I just didn't know what it was all about. But I love the benefit products. So, it is getting to the point where I have bought most of the line and get eager to try most new things that come out. I order some products at Sephora and then yesterday it was like a party in my mail box! Today I tried it out to keep my eyeliner from getting that raccoon look it gets by midday. Also I applied it to my mascara and overtop of my lipstick. With the usual face primer and shadow primer that goes on with my makeup, it didn't budge all day! This is a stunning product with unbelievable results in how it completes your makeup. You are truly going to love She Laq.


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