Monday, October 25, 2010

Lime Crime cosmetics and it's wonderment.

Oh, the allure of the amazing products that Doe Deere From Lime Crime Cosmetics creates.  The brilliance sparkleness of radiant color streams from each product as it sings it's siren's song.  Calling you to depths of color payoff of the likes you have never known.  Yes, I can say that in all honesty.  As I have succumbed to the call of colors cry from Lime Crime.  My brightly colored blue box arrived Friday.  I ordered Dragon scales, Cupcake Thief eye-shadows, and Cosmopop lipstick.  It took all my will power to not order all the lovely shades of splendor available.  Alas, these are the shades I allowed myself.  You can see the swatches and an eyeshadow and lipstick demo in the following video.  Enjoy fellow cosmetic enthusiasts!

Thank you all,


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