Saturday, February 5, 2011

What can you do to chase away those mid-Winter blues?

Uhggg, it has been ugly all over this past week.  Snow all over the county.  Here in Texas it has been a solid week of ice storms.  Today has been the first day of melt off.  I am sure all the Super Bowl fans here are ecstatic for the game tomorrow.  Being trapped inside because of bad weather can leave one buggy with cabin fever.  Even worse, is having all the nasty stuff that Winter throws your way.  Chapped lips, dry itchy skin and break outs, dry brittle  hair, and a mid-Winter makeup and fashion rut. 

Every major magazine has their front page advice to offer.  You can check those out while you stand in the check out line.  Meanwhile, I have a few tasty gems to throw your way that you won't have spend a fortune on.  Just shop your own closet, jewelry box, and host of beauty products and cosmetics. About the only thing that might cost you a buck or two would be the first suggestion, and you can do this out of an over the counter store bought box of color highlights.

My first suggestion to fight the Seasonal blues is to go down the isle of color in your super store and check out the highlights.  They are super easy to do on yourself and there are ever some that are as quick to do as 10 minutes once you have the product applied.  That will give your overall look a brightness and will immediately get rid of your blahs.  Also for you hair try pulling it back in a half pony tail and leave the bottom half down.  This is really pretty.  Instead of shampooing daily and drying your hair out, why now only shampoo three times a week and use a dry shampoo in between?  That will help restore your hair it's natural oil and help prevent dryness and split ends. Don't forget to deep condition.

For makeup try only lining your top lid.  Switch from using solid liner to liquid.  Use some of the colors in your palettes that you stay away from just for the fun of it.  Try some of your brighter shades of lip color.  Use your lipstick as a cheek stain.  Apply a little bit of Vaseline to lips at night to keep them from being chapped. 

For the rest of your body, stay hydrated.  Drinking lots of water will not only keep your cells and body hydrated but will keep your skin moist and your hair.  So, drink a lot of water.  Keep your face moisturized as well as your body, hands and feet.  Use cuticle oil several times a week to prevent hang nails.  You know what else.  If you like hot tea at all, try green tea. 

Here are the 5 top things that make me feel a whole lot better on a snowy day.

Getting dressed in a pretty outfit
Putting on light makeup and doing my hair in a simple style
Wearing perfume
My favorite Jewelry
Pretty shoes

Those things take away my blues in any season. 

I hope these tips in some way help you out if you have the winter blues.


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