Friday, July 8, 2011

Stila item giveaway at beauty blitz.

Hi People,

I think that I have mentioned beauty blitz to you before. It is a really cool site that has daily giveaways. I enter every day and have one 3 items over the past two years! In addition to having the giveaways they have articles and weekly features. Free style, insider tricks, celebrity editors, features, beauty stalker, meet the pros,and on the front page is a really cool ongoing article called the daily blitz. It is a really fun, fresh and exciting place to visit.

Today's giveaway

Stila natural eyes eyeshadow pallet.

Info on the palette from Beauty blitz web page

Stila Naturaleyes Eye Shadow Palette 150
Stila Naturaleyes Eye Shadow Palette
Get a head start on your autumn makeup look with this eye shadow palette from Stila's Fall 2011 Collection, which was inspired by color trends right off the runway. It comes complete with 10 (award-winning) shades of trendy fall colors including shimmery pink champagne and a matte light coco. The palette also includes a waterproof eyeliner in a matte brown shade that compliments every shadow color perfectly, and an eight-page look book that gives you great tips and how-to tricks. This is one palette you won't want to live without this fall. We've got one up for grabs!


  1. Today they will be giving away Cleopatra Black DALiiA Herbal Kohl eyeliner. Cool isn't it?

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  2. Florence,
    Yeah, that is awesome. You have to love freebies right?