Sunday, February 3, 2013

The mystery of the mystery dog... Solved!

Hello people, Do you remember a few weeks ago me telling you about a dog I could hear crying and couldn't figure out if it was from upstairs or next door? I did a video on it. That you can see Here: Well, since that time I have discovered the my neighbors have a dachshund. His name is Rico. They call him Pit bull as a nickname. Not because he's mean, but because he is kind of a wimp and they think it's funny. He is sort of a "cry baby" they say. He cries when they leave the room. But he especially cries when they leave him for any length of time at all. Mystery solved! He is the dog I hear crying. Not neglected or abused, just suffering from separation anxiety. I know Sadie cries when I leave her in her kennel sometimes. So, the beautiful thing that has come out of this mystery has been Sadie and Rico have become friends. They hang out together sometimes when they see each other outside. We have even talked about having play dates. So, today my neighbors brought Rico over to play with Sadie They are having a blast. You will see how playful they are together in this video. Now that they have worn each other out puppy wrestling, they are each chewing a bone contentedly under my kitchen table. It is all so very cute. I'm glad they have met. I hope that they become and stay good friends. While they get to know one another, I am being blessed with getting to know Rico's human family too! It really is a beautiful life. Here is the video of Rico and Sadie playing together: Thanks for stopping by, Be sure to hit subscribe or follow, Leslie

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