Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, what a perfect day

Hello people!  It has been forever since I have posted.  This blog is supposed to be about all the ways you can make life more beautiful. It seems that most of my blogs have been makeup related.  I DO have other things that happen or that I do that I think make for a beautiful life.  So, future posts will be  a little less cosmetic related and more mishmashes topics that I find interesting and think you will find interesting as well.

Recently I watched a show on hgtv that I hadn't seen before.  It was called Donna decorates Dallas.  I found it pretty interesting.  I would watch it again.  Anyhow, they made some feather trees and they Rocked!!!  It was something that totally fit the nitch of making life more beautiful.  So, off to hobby lobby I went.  Once I had my supplies (bags of feathers, a new hot glue gun and a Styrofoam Christmas tree) I went home and whipped one up.  Below you will see a photo of the finished tree.

Feathered Christmas tree

These feathered trees are Victorian in origin.  They started making these trees in Germany in the 1800's.  They made them out of goose feathers and a paper tree form.  The Victorians used black feathers because they considered them to be more elegant.  These trees became a popular and cheap option in the United states in the 1920.  There are antique trees from that time still around and lots of people collect them.  Maybe someday I can get a fortune for my cheapo feather Christmas tree. LOL.  While I am waiting to make my fortune, it is just a tree that decorates my home and give me a more beautiful life.

Should you decide to make one, just let your imagination go wild.  The one I saw on Donna decorates Dallas had feather, leopard skin ribbons, and lots of glitter.  Mine just is fancy feathers.  You can find all sorts of example on youtube, and other craft sites around the web.  Happy Crafting!!!!

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