Monday, January 31, 2011


I made you LOOK!! LOL.  No really.  Sex is what the beauty industry is all about.  We think we are just making ourselves presentable, pretty, feel good. Yes, there is a dark side to all the messages that are sent out through the media about sex.  It can foul up a young woman's self esteem.  Yet the beauty industry does have a kinder gentler side that it doesn't brag about to the world.

Did you know that Kryolan cosmetic company makes this astonishing product to help burn victims to help them conceal their scars? These makeups can also cover thins such as strawberry birthmarks. The product I am talking about is  called dermacolor camouflage color Palette.  Kryolan makes many other wonderful products that are used for stage but can cross over into regular life to help people who suffer from skin problems.  I even use this product to cover a small portion of my scars that show.  I can attest to the fact that I completely covers scars so that you wouldn't even know.

How to apply makeup when you're blind

These are some of the many things I wonder in my spastic brain.  If I were for some reason to go sightless, how would I know to apply makeup?  I did a tiny bit of research.  I credit, and as well as, in assisting me in my research. is the American foundation for the blind.  They really had great deal of information.

Visionware suggests that as a blind or sight impared person you find a family member or trusted friend to help you label your cosmetics in braille.  This helps in identification.  A blind person operates much as a sighted person, but with all their other senses heightened.  As they prepare to apply cosmetics they should feel their face and become familiar with the canvas.  When applying shadow use the brush and feel the hollow of your eye ball.  As applying blush, count the the strokes you use to keep it even.  The blind person has less fear approaching their eye with a mascara wand than a sighted person does because they are using feel rather than sight.

Ehow has 5 suggested steps to suggested to a newly blind person as you help them through learning how to apply cosmetics again.  I will condense them

1.  Become familiar with the contours of your face.

2.  Use a brush as though you are doing art on your face, count the strokes of everything you do so that it matches.

3.  Make sure you are applying makeup on a clear, moisturized surface.  Use a headband to keep your hair out of the way and a towel to protect clothing.

4.  Use a damp towel between each step of makeup, (eyes, cheeks ect) to wipe your hands and avoid making  mistakes on your face or getting your clothes dirty.

5.  As much as possible have someone check you progress until you get comfortable doing this on your own.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion isn't just for people, Pets love dressing up too.

People feel great when they are dressed their best.  It makes them feel proud.  It is like the peacock strutting around with his feathers all out.  We are in full plumage.  People also love their pets.  We treat them like little furry people.  They are like our children!  So, should it come as any surprise that we take such pleasure in dressing them up a bit.  It is no secret I have dachshunds and adore the breed.  So here is a photo or two of the little wieners.

You can find these little jackets at

If your dog is the sporty type who rides bikes or digs being on a motor cycle, then they might need a great pair of Doggles.

These can be found at

You can find these items at

And for those of you have a deep love of the kitties out there.  They deserve to be fashionable too.  Here is a site for them and some pretty pictures  for you to check out.

Aren't they all so sweet?  I just love little furry people.  They just love you without question.  I don't often dress my pets up.  The don't have much fur so if it is massively cold outside I have been known to put a doggie sweater on them.  Nothing quite so designer as the things I have shown you.  But if you have a pile of cash laying around or you just really love to indulge your pet, I hope these tips and sites will help.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Egyptian governments crazy communication crack down.

The news is crazy today.  I don't want to go all political on you.  You can read for yourself what is happening in Egypt, or watch the world news and form your own opinion.  I just want to go on record with a few facts from my own life.

I live in an area so small it isn't even called a city.  It's a town.  The name isn't likely to change soon.  Frequently the power goes out.  That means I lose my Tv, and internet, but still have my cell phone service.  If my power is out more than and hour I go a little bug eyed without my internet.  It is my electronic companion.  If my government made it so my cell phone went out as well, I would for sure take to the streets in protest.  There would be some serious insanity coming from me.  I think in general a lot of people I know would go from calm, normal, sane people to completely freaked out mob mentality in a matter of hours without all the modern technology that keeps us connected.

So, When I see these folks on the news I think, "they probably aren't that much different than me" They like the freedoms they are allowed and when they see them slipping away they feel fighting mad.  What are your thoughts on all this madness people?   State your thoughts while you can.  If it could happen there I suppose, it could happen anywhere.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Add a little touch of gold to anything and it makes it prettier, even eyeshadow

Today out sheer makeup boredom, I decided to glitz it up a bit. Plus it has been a couple days since I've worn makeup. With my eyes I decided to throw in a bit of Gold.

Here is what I used:

On the lower lid I used Mac Golden lemon
For outer corner I used Lime Crime Dragon Scales
Cheeks Laura Geller in Brighten in Sunlight
Eyeliner NYX Big eyeliner
Mayballine mascara

Top photo is a bit of a blur from a shaky hand.  Whoops!  It felt nice to have myself a bit dressed up again.  If you get a chance to play with gold, go for it.  It is a fun color and adds such a great attention getting pop to your eyes.  If you have colors in your pallets that don't get used, try them on your lower lid.  Experiment.  You may find a new look that you love.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sugar pill cosmetics has a twitter contest, and there is a new video from Kerli-Army of Love

Hello People,

There is this amazing Estonian singer named Kerli.  I first heard her from the sound track to the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.  The song was "Welcome to the tea party"  Very catchy tune.  She has a unique style and look.  Maybe she isn't everybodies cup of tea (pun there) but she is a very talented lady.  And she really rocks the music and makeup quite well.  Here is her newest video  Army of Love.

Over on the Sugarpill website there is a contest running through the 29th of January.  Their website says:

Now it’s your turn to join the fun! Tweet the following message for your chance to win three Sugarpill eyeshadows of your choice:

Now enlisting for @Kerlimusic’s #ArmyOfLove! RT to Win a Warpaint Prize pack from @Sugarpillmakeup! Ends 1/29 Noon PST

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, how'd that going without makeup work out for ya?

My two days of going without the makeup are over.  I intended to film my errands yesterday, but my cell phone video was cutting out on me.  Since I can't share my vids with you I will just share my observations.

First off it saved me about 15-20 minutes in the morning getting ready.  For some reason going without the makeup made me feel like dressing down more than dressing up.  I just went with jeans and my t's with sayings on them.  In public it didn't really seem like guys noticed at all but girls were brutal.  For instance.  At Sams club I was openly treated mean by store employees that I asked for help with a click and pull order.  It was ugly how they treated me.  I'm certain that if I were dressed up and made up they would have had more respect.  The experience was eye opening.  To see the way that girls behaved left me feeling icky to be a girl.  I sure hope I'm not like that to other ladies.  Since this eye opener I'll be more aware of that sort of stuff, and not do it.  It can be such a vicious cycle.

We all do it.  Yuck, look at her dress, or hair, ect.  I don't know it is to puff ourselves up or we think it is subliminally helpful to the other person to put them down that way.  Not so much.  Any how, Going without makeup made me feel like not doing anything fancy to my hair or dressing up.  It had more negative effects on me than positive ones.

Well People, thank you for following the going bare documentary.


Monday, January 24, 2011

An interview with my Husband

Yesterday, my sweetheart gave into being interviewed about his views on women and makeup.  He was pretty open about his views.  I think you will find it interesting.  It was to me.


Make an on-line slide show at

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting ready to go bare

This morning I woke knowing my routine would take me a whole lot less time.  20 minutes less in fact.  That certainly speeds things up.  I only had one errand to run today, and that was to Fryes Electronics.  I took a short movie in the store and a short movie in the car ride on the way home.

I think you will enjoy the short interview with my hubby Mo.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Makeup lover goes undercover. Codename: Bare face.

Oh the shame of it all!  To be seen in public without the mask of our makeup.  We are all just fine in life until after 12 or 13.  But the moment we are able to get permission or just go for it with the wearing of the makeup, there is no turning back.  It is taboo, nay shameful to go naked faced.  The horror, the horror!  I’m just kidding.  It isn’t really that bad.  But that is the sort of pressure we put on ourselves about it.  How can we be all cool until our teens and then doom ourselves from then on out? 

Well, I am going for it people.  I will be going bare faced for a couple of days just to see how the world reacts.  Will they shun me (oh no!) or will anyone care?  I’ll be snapping photos of me as I go about doing my normal routine stuff.  You will see me as I go out grocery shopping and maybe go for coffee and that sort of thing.

I’ll start with a cleaned, toned, moisturized face.  Then I will go about my business, and post photos and videos to my blog. 

Tomorrow is Sunday, I will start then!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Wicked Makeup

 Once upon a time little frog said "it ain't easy being green."  I suppose that is totally true.  If you've seen wicked, You'd sort of feel for the character Elphaba.  Recently I read a story from a High School guy that said it really was all the good witches fault.  He said, If you think about it, the person on the scene after the twister was the good witch.  Then she takes the wicked witch of the West rightful inheritance right of East's feet and puts them on Dorothy making her a target for the rest of the movie, taking the attention off of herself.  I never thought of it that way.  It certainly made me more sympathetic to West.  And of course angry and Glenda for how she treated Dorthy.  And in the end Glenda got it all.  Hmmmmm.

That isn't what I really want to talk about though People.  I want to talk about the power of makeup.  A makeup artist can take a normal looking person and put green stage grease makup from Mehron or Krylon, and poof you have a witch.  It's amazing.  The costumers come along and put some witchy wardrobe on, and the look is complete.  When you look in the mirror at your own face daily you just don't think there is anything you can do.  I encourage you to choose an actor, Johnny Depp is a good suggestion, and surf the web looking at photos of all the rolls he has been in and how many looks have been achieved on his face.  Then just find a normal paparazzi shot of him being himself.  Nothing extraordinary really.  Just another human like you.  Then open your mind and thing of all the things you can do on a more scaled down level to yourself.  I'm not suggesting you go out as a witch everyday.... not unless you want to. LOL

Below you will find a couple of amazing videos.  I hope that you enjoy them.

After Alexia Khadime left the roll of Elphaba in Wicked, Idina Menzel took the part.  The following video is of Idina singing Defying Gravity for the London Royal Variety Show Performance.

Have a Happy day,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 2011 favs so far

How's it going People?  Is it winter where you are?  It is pretty cold here in Texas.  So we are wearing coats and sweaters and winter colors.  Most of my favorites are in winter colors.  The Urban decay eye shadow I show you is in baked.  On the video I mention the name but then confusedly look for the name like a dork.  LOL!  After viewing the video please post your comments on what your December/January favorites are and what you can't live without during the winter.

Don't forget to share you favorites!


Monday, January 17, 2011

My list of greatest feel good songs.

People, Do you ever have a day where you wake up and want to stay in bed?  You know the day I'm talking about.  You feel less than yourself, and you just can't imagine going through the motions of any kind of routine.  On those days I usually force myself to put on makeup.  My theory is if I look good then it might trick my brain into feeling better.  Most of the time it works.  But..... if that doesn't do it for me I have a full bag of tricks that I can pull out one by one.  Dress up.  No?  That didn't do it for you either?  Okay, how about call a friend and make them tell you jokes?  So, it was nice catching up with your friend, but you've heard all those jokes before.  All the experts in mental health say laughter is the best medicine for gloomy days.  Maybe you have a sitcom in your dvd you can watch.  But if you've done all of that and you still feel blah.  Well people try music.  Yup I said music.  It is even more healing a than laughter.  Who knows, maybe while you listen to the music you can laugh.  Then you will feel like a super human.

I have made a list of what I'll call my greatest feel good songs ever.  Well at least in my lifetime.  Here they are:

  1. Black sheep- The choice is yours
  2. Bleach- Super good feeling
  3. August burn red- Carol of the bells (any time of year)
  4. Devo- Whip it
  5. Lenny Kravitz- American woman
  6. Mike Posner- Cooler than me
  7. Petula Clark- Downtown
  8. Kerli- Tea Party
  9. ZZ Top-Cheap sunglasses
  10. Ayiesha Woods- Beauty * ( This is a super song if your feeling cruddy)
  11. Earthsuit- One time
  12. U2- Beautiful day
  13. John Lennon-Imagine
  14. Don McLean- American Pie
  15. Louis Armstrong- What a wonderful world
  16. R. Kelly- I believe I can fly
  17. B 52's- Love shack
  18. Jason Mraz- I'm yours
  19. KJ- 52- Do Yo Thang
  20. Pecular People Band- Can I leave my head
These are songs that really lift me.  I love to rock out to Beauty in the car.  Earthsuit makes me feel good.  If I'm feeling blue, What a wonderful world and beautiful day really hit the spot.  Did you know that American pie is like a 10 minute long song?  You'll be singing at the top of your lungs.  If you feel bad at the beginning, you will feel great by the end.  You just can't help it with that song.  Any how people, I want to know what you list of greatest feel good songs ever are.  It doesn't have to be 20.  It can be two or three.  Or even just one.  Post in the comments below.  I can't wait to hear from you.  Everyone is so different.  It will be cool to see what you put.

Oh, So here is a photo of me after I dragged myself out of bed and forced myself to put on makeup and listen to some awesome tunes with my bestest forever hubby.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentines is going to be here before you know it!

OMG!  Sooner than you know it Valentines Day will be upon us.  You can always count on the standard wine, chocolates and roses.  Of Course there is also dinner and dancing.  Plus the ever popular gift of lingerie.  Which is really more of a gift for the guy.  Nothing says, "I expect sex"  More than the gift of lingerie now does it ladies?  Now I do love me some frilly girlie nighties, but not for valentines day.  Any other day of the year is just fine.

Great gifts ideas for fellas to give their ladies are:
Manicure, pedicure, spa.
Shopping together
Long romantic weekend away
Techie stuff like iphones or ipads
Hot air balloon ride
Explore another city
explore a winery
stay at an inn

Great gift ideas for ladies to give their fellas are:
Magazine subscriptions
Go camping, fishing, hiking with them
Long romantic weekend away
Watching the football game while you go shopping alone
Rent a cool car like a mustang a go for a long weekend
techie things like iphones, or ipads
The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, so cook him an amazing meal, dim the lights and have wine with ever course.  Even a drink that goes with dessert like say..... spanish coffee.  Yum.

If you are without a partner this year.  Romance yourself.  Dress in your most stunning clothing.  Don't save it for a "special occasion"  You are the special occasion.  So, dress great, do something special with your hair, get a manicure, and go out with a group of other people, or go see family.  Just make sure you make plans.  Make them in advance.  It feels great to say that you have plans on Valentines day. 

Well People,  I hope these ideas help you to prepare for Valentines day.  I will be doing something special with my Husband, Son and Daughter.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Charisma-Oh mama!

All through out history there have been people with personalities larger than life. Moses,  Rudolph Valentino, Coco Channel, Audry Hepburn.  Of course the modern day Charismatics would be folks like Oprah because of her staying power, Ryan Seacrest, The Kardachens.  Then there are the Charismatic people who use their power for evil and not for good.  They are villains such as Al Capone, Jimmy Hoffa, Hitler,  Jim Jones, and more recently The Dad of balloon boy.  The guy was so charismatic.  He had already been on one reality show, had another lined up and was going to write a book about his little balloon boy.  Wow.

Should you want to become larger than life in a positive way.  Or to build on some skills you already have working towards the goal or charisma, here are a few things you can increase in your life.

Choose a direction.  Have an intentional, thoughtful way about you.  Know where you are headed in life.  When you seem self aware, and self assured then people are more relaxed around you.  If you aren't in turmoil then your atmosphere is calm.  This is the time to decide on a career, or college, or that trip around the world.  The point is to make decisions.  Find ways to implement them.  Then stick to them.  Don't be a flip flopper.  If you are uncertain of your goals, don't declare them to people.  Only tell people of things when you are certain.  Then you don't appear to be wishy washy.

Speak articulately.  It is okay to speak excitedly, but speak clearly and with clear intention.  Listen well to others, and look in their eyes when they speak.  Please, don't look around while they are talking.  This is what I call the " please, someone help me, I can't wait to get away from this person"  Look of desperation.  If others in the room can recognize this look then the person to whom you should be paying attention can as well.

Show flexibility and spontaneity.   Allow yourself to be enthusiastic and excited.  Even dramatic and animated.  After all you are around friends and you like them.  Think to yourself that no matter where you are, you have never met someone who wasn't a friend.  Then when you think on life, you don't have one friend or two.  You have dozens and dozens! After practicing these things for a while they will become second nature.  At first you will be practicing and after a while you will simply be doing it.  Like riding a bike.  All of these things are confidence builders.  So, as you learn these things you are also learning to be more of a confident person.  It will be a beautiful life.  When people look at you they'll see so much self confidence and joy.  Yes!  Even Charisma!  They will say, oh what Charisma, Oh Mama!!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Trends for 2011

Boy was I wrong. My people. I must begin this post with my head hung low and a deep abiding apology rolling off my tongue. Here I was going to write to you a long post telling you what all the experts have to say about what you should be wearing in the year ahead. Telling you what you should look like while wearing your makeup. For instance, should you have thick brows or thin brows, dark shadow/light? Or dark lips or gloss? Then I was going to talk about what the experts say you should wear. Oh, this Spring you should wear long skirts instead of the short short skirts that have been worn in the season from the past. Then I was going to talk about what they say about hair. Oh don't even get me started on the hair!! Then a stroke of sanity hit me. I realized that along with being the consumers, WE are the experts. I mean really! Have you ever watched a fashion show with a model toddling down the run way with a space craft strapped around her waist? Do you ever see that translate into public sales? No I say! Because, it is pure fantasy. No sane person would ever in their right mind wear that.

My thought on this is that we the consumers should decide that in truth we are the experts. Since we know our bodies and our lifestyles, we should set our own trends for ourselves. You know how recently I suggested that if you don't like something about yourself you just change it. Hair color comes in a box, so you can change that. You don't like your close, you can change those one piece at a time. Your hair style, you can always go to a hair stylist and looks through books and magazines and have a nice long consultation.

Really the point is that you decide. You must become bold and start shaping yourself into whom you want to be. Not who the experts tell you you should be. Now that is not to say that you shouldn't take their advice. They are experts after all. If you should hear a piece of advice that resonates with you take it. You find something you like here, a piece of advice there. Then you continue something you are already doing and mix in a few new ingredients and low and behold you have a new trend. Ta Da! And you did it with out shoving yourself full boar into a whole look that someone has told will be a trend. Trends come and go, but classics last. Be a classic. Build yourself, be yourself, and have fun!

Thanks for stopping by the Beautiful life,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bringing back an old favorite- Tools for eyes

Hello my People,
This is one of my early video projects. Now don't go laughing at my hair okay. It's been awhile. My color has changed a bit and so has the length. I think I talked a mile a minute in this video. The whole gist of it, is that there are so many ways to get your eye lashes to look long and curly. Over all my favorite has to be the spoon. Enjoy the video.

Thanks for watching people,


Put a smile on that face!

When I see something that will add beauty to your life I have share.  Whether it is make up or anything else.  This video by OK GO Really made me grin.  I think that you will love it too.  If you are having a down day, I hope it makes your day.

Thanks for watching,


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thinking out of the box...There is no spoon.

My people this is a wacky yet wonderful idea to use as we start the baby new year.
I read an article that discussed our lives as boxes.  I also watched the movie "My Life as a House"  Now that is a good theory.  Thinking of ourselves as houses that have rooms that are constantly being built.  Whoa, I am getting way off track.  Deep breath.  Okay, back on track.  Here is where I am going with this.

Have any of you seen the matrix?  Do you remember the scene where Neo Goes to see the Oracle and there is this young boy bending spoons.  I would love to show you the movie clip if you haven't seen it but I cannot embed it because it is protected.  So, I will have to just share the scripted scene with you.

 Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Okay, you have heard the saying "think outside of the box"?   Well, I am about to challenge you to think wide open.  In the movie The Box The main Character,  Arlington Steward says this about boxes. 
"Your home is a box. Your car is a box on wheels. You drive to work in it and you drive home in it. You sit at home staring at a box. It erodes your soul while the box that is your body inevitably withers then dies whereupon it is placed in the ultimate box to slowly decompose."
That is soooo positive and uplifting isn't it?  Well, now I shall get to the point and tie these two thoughts together.  Just as there is no spoon, and we use our mind to bend it and by bending our minds we shape ourselves.  There is no box to think outside of.  Except for the boxes that we allow ourselves to be placed inside of or we place our selves in.  It can sometimes be so safe inside those boxes.  But once you realize the box you are in is not real at all it can not control you.  Poof the box disappears and you have no walls to hold you back.  I would even go so far as to say that the glass ceiling I hear so much about is a sort of a box.  It is something people tell you is there to prevent you from trying to move beyond it.  Anything that is going to stop you from moving forward or upward is only a positive thought away.

Boxes aren't all that bad though.  You can make a cool box car like this:
 Your buddies would be so jealous of you kickin it your stylin box car.  Everyone would run out and make one.  Well my friends  That is all I have to say about boxes, and spoons.  Except to remind you that spoons make excellent eye lash curlers.