Monday, October 25, 2010

Lime Crime cosmetics and it's wonderment.

Oh, the allure of the amazing products that Doe Deere From Lime Crime Cosmetics creates.  The brilliance sparkleness of radiant color streams from each product as it sings it's siren's song.  Calling you to depths of color payoff of the likes you have never known.  Yes, I can say that in all honesty.  As I have succumbed to the call of colors cry from Lime Crime.  My brightly colored blue box arrived Friday.  I ordered Dragon scales, Cupcake Thief eye-shadows, and Cosmopop lipstick.  It took all my will power to not order all the lovely shades of splendor available.  Alas, these are the shades I allowed myself.  You can see the swatches and an eyeshadow and lipstick demo in the following video.  Enjoy fellow cosmetic enthusiasts!

Thank you all,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween costumes in a snap

Feeling a little pressure to come up with a costume?  Can't quite decide what you want to be?  Well, I can help with that.  There are so many companies that make kit these days.  I have put together a few of these pre-made kits to show you. 

Starting with a few of the kits that Sephora has to offer:
From top to bottom there is Vampire in a box, Peacock, Showgirl and Devil.  Accessories not included.  The kits are all so lovely.  The colors are all beautifully put together and they have great step by step instructions.  You can find video demonstrations for how to do each kit online at provides you with some very cool, creative ideas for getting your Ghoul on.  There are makeup kits, as well as costumes, wigs, masks, and eyelashes. 
Here are just a couple kits that I liked:

World of warcraft night elf kit.

Avatar na'vi kit.

Other internet sites that are great for getting your halloween goodies are:

If you want to do a costume off the rack locally, Party city is great for kits and for costumes.  Plus you can pick up your party supplies at the same time. Have a blast as you shop for yourself and for others to prepare for this time of year.  Two weeks to go. 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their smile.

People say you can tell a lot about a person by their smile.  I know that a smile can make a great first impression.  I have had smile issues for a good chunk of my adult life.  As a young teen my dentist thought my teeth had too much of a gap on the bottom.  I had to wear rubber bands and spacers to push them closer together. This did such an awesome job that I grew up with teeth stacked on top of each other like a bull dog.  Lovely looking!  
It bothered me, but I hid it well.  They were on the bottom, and thus easier to hide.  The over crowding of these teeth caused a bit of chipping.  Now you have the back ground.  Here is the meat of the story.  

Last week I got my chipped teeth built up with a dental compound that matches my tooth color.  It is sort of like acrylic nails but harder.  The process was ummmmm, interesting.  But I really like the results.  Yes, my teeth are still crowded.  The work that was done makes them look like they aren't though.  The Dentist did a lot of sanding and grinding and buffing oh my!  Now my smile is something a bit more OMPH!  I quite enjoy it.  If there is a little something; something you are wishing you could correct in your grin, just do it.  Talk to your Dentist.   You might be surprised at what they are able to do.  Some of it is relatively affordable.  Being able to smile pretty for the camera, makes for a truly beautiful life.  
I encourage you to take care of yourself well, and have a beautiful life for yourself today.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October is breast cancer awareness month

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As you know by now, breast cancer is an issue that has been up close and personal with me. I'd like to remind you all if you have breast you should be examining them. Even as young as your 20's you should be doing a monthly self breast exam. In your 30's you should be continuing this practice and adding yearly mammograms to the routine. If you even suspect that you have something to be concerned about, Never, Ever EVER let a doctor blow you off or make you feel stupid. It is your body and you know it better than anyone in the world. You could say you have a masters degree in YOUR NAME HERE ology. For me that would be Lesliesbodyology.

Today I was using stumble upon. That tool rocks! Anyway, while using this I found some posters of an ad campaign for breast cancer awareness that was done overseas. They used body paint and... Well here. Let me just show you the images. They make a profound statement about how we focus too much on stuff we shouldn't and not enough on stuff that we should. This is rated R.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Henna How To

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In recent months I have been changing many external things in my life to try and keep me internally healthy. One I have shared with you in detail not long ago was becoming a vegetarian. But I have also switched from over the counter hair color to a more plant based product. Henna. For months now I have been using Persian blonde by rainbow henna. This is considered neutral henna. But it really isn't henna at all. It comes from the Senna plant. Yea, that's right the one you hear about on all those laxative commercials. Same plant. I guess it has lots of uses. It is the only way to go lighter using plant based products. Henna will only do brown, red and black. So, I have been doing the senna and have decided to go a bit darker for Fall/Winter months. I made this little how to video in case you have thought about trying to use henna yourself. This is very conditioning. It coats the hair shaft and makes the hair texture feel thicker, and appear shinier. If you try it, I believe you will like it. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

To meat or not to meat.

About a year ago I made a commitment. I watched my daughter go through the process of living a vegetarian lifestyle, and she was doing so great health wise she was positively shining with a healthy glow. Seeing this, I decided this is a commitment I want to make. The day I chose to make it, was on Thanksgiving. The
biggest meat day of the year! LOL. I got my after dinner sleep on from eating a plate full of carbs. It was truly awesome. About mid year I got a bit of a craving for some hormel chili. BIG mistake. OIJ, did that stuff make me hurl. Not so nice. At that time I was also fighting off the massive fever from having an infection from the implant from breast reconstruction. Also not so nice. Other than that one slip up, I will have made it through a whole year in just a couple more months. The funny thing is. It was super easy. I have made a video to explain most of it to you. If you have any questions about it just email me here at the sight and I will be happy to help you in anyway I can. If you don't really have anything you want to ask but just don't like vegetarians, don't watch the video or email. Thanks!