Monday, February 27, 2012

Makeup forever flash palette-vs Kryolan shimmer vision palette, the ultimate smack down!

Hello People,
A while back I purched the Makeup forever 12 color flash palette.  As you may know, this is pricey and only available at sephora.  It comes in at a whooping $93 dollars. I also bought the Kryolan palette that seemed to be a duplicate of the MUF flash palette.  I got frustrated with the Kryolan shimmering vision palette.  It was indeed much more shimmery, and despite using a terrific eye shadow primer, it still rubbed off everywhere but the crease.  Using the same eye shadow primer with the makeup forever flash palette held it in place for hours.  Plus I would get so many compliments from my fella and others when I would wear it out in public.  Now that is an awesome feeling to have others tell you you look great.  So despite the expense, I would say that MUF is a better makeup and a better value.  I still have it.  It lasts forever.  I have even used it to do fantasy makup on my son for Halloween. 

Eric made a terrific zombie, but my cellphone pic didn't do justice to how great he looked.

top pic- makeup forever 12 color flash palette, bottom pic-kryolan 18 color shimmering vision palette

If you look at these side by side you'll see the gold, silver, peach, blue, turquoise, red, yellow, green, pink, magenta, white, and brown from the mufe are also in the kryolan.  The kryolan has bronze, purple, orange, cream, sea blue, copper in addition.  

The MUF is more solid and waxy than the kryolan.  This Kryolan palette is more creamy and sheer when applied. 

Overall I'm still really enjoying the MUF.  The kryolan didn't make the cut during a makeup clean out when I moved to Colorado.  It just didn't seem worth packing and moving cross country when I was only keeping it because it looked pretty in the container.  LOL

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