Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Leslie got her groove back-new wig.

Hello people,

So much has happened since I last spoke to you. I have had the blessing of my Mom and my dear sister Judy coming to visit my family.

Top left- Judy, Middle bottom- Mom, Top right Leslie
 The day after they arrived we went and had our photos take. Then my hubby and my mom began to do what they love the best.  Working on a project in our yard.

New pond for the yard.  

They are going to surround it with slate and also make an extension to our existing patio.  It is going to be so beautiful.  I just love having people visit and help us with projects.  Every time I enjoy my yard I look around and see bits and pieces of work that my mom or in-laws have helped us with.  Great memories, and good times.

We also went to my sons company picnic.  That was a blast.  I line danced and we all played putt putt golf.  My mom had never played, and she kicked out butts.

See me sporting my scarf out on the dance floor?  Line dancing is so much fun.

Mom kept making hole in ones.  She is an awesome golfer.

Judy rocking the golf course

My score was so bad, you don't even want to know.
We topped the day off by getting rid of the few wisps of hair I had left.  Now I am shiny bald like the Mr. Clean guy.  I guess I will be using a lot less shampoo and hair spray!!

My handsome hubby and I now look alike.

We match!
But the really cool thing is that Today I got my wig fitting done!  It is shorter than my hair had been, but it looks pretty good.
The stylist fitting my wig  while my sister keeps a sharp eye out that she does it right.

The finished look.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Rocking the gypsy look

Today, because my hair is coming out in clumps, I am sporting the gypsy look.  If you are going to rock the gypsy look you are going to need a few items.  Funky gypsy looking clothes are helpful.  You can find a few items to match that description here at top shop.  Here is a link for you to view,  


You can fin a lot of gypsy style here:


In order to do the basics you need an awesome scarf for head covering.  Wild skirt that will spin in a giant circle if you were to get your gypsy groove on.  Long dangling earrings or hoops.  Flat shoes are great, but thigh high boots are even more amazing.

As more of my hair falls out, I will be wearing a variety of colorful scarfs.  I will also be sporting a new wig.  But you don't have to lose your hair to be feeling the gypsy vibe.  It is a fun, fresh look.  It can be romantic and sexy too.  It just depends how you want to play it up.  If you decide to play around with this look, send me a picture of how you turn out.  I would love to see you.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial day -Thanks for all you do

For those who have served, are serving or will serve in the military in the future,

Thank You for all you do.  For all you sacrifice, and the danger you put yourself in.

Happy memorial day.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hats, and scarves and hair loss oh my!

Hello People,

Life is interesting here.  I've got a hair line that wants to recede.  Today it is totally working on falling out all together.  So, I have gone and stocked up and scarves and a hat.  The wig is ready and waiting to be fit when the hair is gone.  This is the update on all that is going on in that department.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

New hair doo

Hello People,
I hope you all are well.  I am feeling a bit off since the chemo on Friday.  But I am feeling okay other wise I feel alright.  My family is taking special care of me. 

When I have my second treatment I will lose my hair.  In prep for that my hubby and I went wig shopping at All about you boutique.  It was a good to go while I still have hair.  Then they could see my hair and try to match it.  Do you want to see what I have ordered?  Of course you do.  Here goes:

It is a bit more tapered around the face than how I wear it now.  It will look good though.  It will be in store next Saturday and ready for me to have it adjusted.  Around the house, I'll probably wear scarves and hats.  It can be weird having no hair.  But just think of all the time I will save getting ready in the morning.  That is one positive.

When the wig comes in I will do a little wig fashion show. 

Thanks for stopping by.