Thursday, June 30, 2011

Makeup organizers, and storage ideas

Hello people,
I've shared photos of my makeup storage in the past.  It really is a more temporary solution.  Sort of the college dorm version of how to store cosmetics. I really want something pretty, and grown up looking.  So, I've been going through ideas found online and here are a few that you may find interesting.

For one small payment of $679.00 you can own this very bright pink toolbox.  From the company pink toolbox.  You can find this at
There are a lot of drawers of varying sizes.  This makes it possible to store all sizes and shapes of cosmetics.  Making it a very organized and spacious place to keep your girly items.

You may just need a small box or two to place things in hiding.  For that you may find these boxes useful.  They can be found at

This is perfect for the woman who has a few items and wants to keep them at arms reach

This is a nice way to store your curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer.  Plus has a few cubbies and a drawer for small items.  

Here is the idea I like the best.  It was found on

Here is the video of where I borrowed the idea for what I would like to do.  I totally credit Misschevious for this idea.

I would like to just use the table top lighted makeup mirror that I currently have. Although it would be nice to use the same mirror as in the video or one similar to it.  It comes in white, black and a dark brown. It is only available in the store, not online.

When I get all the things together to create my adult looking makeup table storage area, and have it all done. I will take photos and a video and post it here on missditz-the beautifullife.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New guilty pleasure, extreme couponing on TLC

Okay people, It is time I fess up.  It's true that I have a hidden talent.  I have in the past been a coupon queen.  I have also been known to dumpster dive.  There, I said it.  Now the secret is out.  I began my coupon saving journey using a site called The grocery game.  On this site you will receive a list for the store you choose.  It will match up the in store sales with the current coupons available for the maximum savings you can get.  It makes it easy to use this list as all the work aside from coupon clipping is done for you.  It really helped us out of some rough times to have this skill.  I have fallen out of the extremeness of it and just shoot for savings, instead of living with a zero grocery bill. 

So, recently there has been this show on TLC called extreme couponing.  I assure you that I never was this serious.  It has renewed the interest in me.  Because face it, who can afford to throw away money.  I am no longer using the grocery game list.  I do compare lists such as  Here, for no cost at all, you will find similar lists to the ones that the grocery game produces.  You will find them for any store, including the drug stores.  It is very helpful.  She does suggest that you donate the freebies to someone who needs them.  That is all up to you. 

I don't clip coupons as I receive them.  I place them in a folder with the date they came out, and then as I need a coupon the list tells me what date it came out, and then I clip it.  It is much simpler this way.  I keep the folders in a big binder and then just sort as I go. 

If you haven't had a chance to watch any of the extreme coupon shows, here is the link.  The site has excerpts from show.  It is very entertaining.  Now you know my guilty pleasure.  There is nothing like seeing the price on the register roll backward.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sally Hansen salon nail effects

Inspired by all the people who are trying Sally Hansen nail effects, I decided to try them as well. I confess that Doe Deere from Lime crime blogged about these, and I just had to check them out. I have blogged about the OPI nail stickers in the past.  So, this blog is focused on comparing the two products.

This is definitely the grooviest manicure I have ever had.  
Having tried the OPI and now the Sally Hansen, I say they are so different from one another.  The OPI is thicker and bubbled when I put it on.  It also bubbled and I couldn't unattach it and reapply.  The design was beautiful and it did stay put for about 5 days.  There are 16 designs to choose from

The Sally Hansen was thinner, easier to pull off and reattach.  It also has more nail strips so you can get a more perfect fit for each nail.  There is a lot of choices in nail designs.  23 designs to choose from.  Reading the Sally Hansen blog, people are saying that the strips can last up to two weeks.

They are both great products.  I like not smelling the polish or remover.  Between the two I favor Sally Hansen.  Only because I can remove it and place it better on my nail.  With OPI, once that puppy stuck it was impossible to remove and reposition. 

I hope you will take some time to treat yourself with one of these products.  It is nice to have a pretty manicure.  You deserve it.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mod cloth, keepin it cool on a Summer day.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.  Wearing vintage style clothing from Mod cloth.  I ordered some sun dresses a few months back in prep for Sunny weather.  Since my diagnosis, I didn't think I would feel up to being dressy.  I decided today, that I don't need a special occasion to dress up.  Every day is special.

I put this pretty sun dress on, and did some light makeup.  Viola'!

I just love the tulle peeking out from the skirt.  It is so pretty and airy.  But check out those blinding white legs!  Time to get a fake & bake.

About those white legs, does anyone have a suggestion for products that don't leave you streaky and blotchy?  I haven't had much success with tanning lotions.  They always turn me orange.  If you have any tips, just leave a comment.  Thanks.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Look good, Feel better

People, it is no secret that I believe when you feel yucky you can make yourself feel better.  The secret is to dress and makeup like you do feel good.  Thus tricking your mind and body to feel better than you actually do.

Apparently the American cancer society feels that same way.  Or maybe they have just been reading my blog!  They hold classes across the country called look good Feel great.  The classes are focused on helping women deal with the rigors of cancer on the skin and their hair.  The class covers makeup application, scarf tying, wig styling.  All the makeup is provided by major makeup lines.  Let me tell you it was great stuff.

So, I dragged my tired body to this class and found it to be serious fun.  There were a lot of different ladies there with different circumstances.  This opened up a lot of discussion to help with each special need.  Dark circles, dry skin, camouflage for spots. 

There is also a website that has much of the same info on it, but you don't get the makeup.  The makeup is full size versions, not sample sized.  No matter what your health is, this website can be very helpful in learning something new about makeup and beauty.

I got so many things in my kit.  Estee Lauder, clinique, Bobby Brown, NYC, Mary Kay, Aveda, Lubriderm, Physicians formula, Clarins, Botanisourse.
This is what I looked like when I arrived

Wonderful teacher from the American Cancer society

Kelly, who takes such great care of her patients on chemo day.  (I think she was trying to scam makeup out people) Joking!

Most of the makeup on this face is Bobby Brown.  It is more of a natural look.  But you can tell that I darkened my eyebrows a bit.  It really made a big difference in framing out my eyes. Although I prefer a powder instead of a pencil.  Overall, It looks great! 

The afternoon went fast.  I am so glad that I went.  I for sure look good, and now I really do feel better

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Breast cancer is breast cancer, Right?

Hello people,

Spoiler alert, there is no makeup or fashion in this post!

I hope that this post finds all of you healthy and enjoying Summer.  I would like to take a moment to remind the women readers to do monthly breast exams.  In cast you didn't know this, Men can develop breast cancer as well.  So, men if you feel something odd, get it checked.

Now how is one type of breast cancer different from another?  Well of course there is staging, but I won't get into that. There is  breast cancer that you would typically hear about, then there is inflammatory breast cancer which is mainly the tissue of the breast and ducts, and there is METS BC. Here is some information that I borrowed from Amy Durfee West's blog.

Stage IV breast cancer is considered incurable. That makes it kind of an embarrassment in some of the “survivor” literature. Supposedly you have early detection, and you follow doctor’s orders, and you do your surgery, chemo and maybe radiation, and you lose weight and control stress and you become a cancer-free survivor. What do we do with people who don’t fit that profile? Well, there isn't much research funding for Mets breast cancer.

METAvivor’s 5 MBC Misperceptions

Myth: Research funding is well balanced for all stages of cancer.
Reality: 90% of cancer deaths result from Stage IV cancer, but only 2% of research funds are devoted to stage IV.
Myth: Metastatic breast cancer is rare.
Reality: 30% of breast cancer patients progress to Stage IV. Many more initially present with metastatic breast cancer.
Myth: Healthy lifestyles, timely screening and early detection prevent metastasis.
Reality: Metastasis happens despite vigilance and precautions. Even Stage I patients can and do metastasize.
Myth: Metastatic breast cancer is becoming a chronic disease. Fewer die every year.
Reality: New treatments extend life for some, but survival remains elusive. Over 40,000 women and men have been dying annually since 1987.
Myth: Stage IV breast cancer patients are well supported by many groups.
Reality: Far too many patients must face their challenges with little to no support. Most programs focus on wellness and recovery, avoiding any reference to Stage IV.

Okay, so that is end of the post that I've linked you to.  On this page so aptly named The beautiful life, I want to impart on you that despite the negative things that are in the information,  I still feel joy. Each morning I wake, It is another gift.  I used to wake up thinking that it was the same old same old.  Now I wake up thinking of the day as a blessing.  It also makes me not plan things long term.  It is about living in the moment or the day.  That really does make every second such a beautiful moment in life.   In so many ways it also has made the people closest to me more beautiful too.  They say you never know who your real friends are until you go through a crisis.  That is completely true.  My true friends and family are beyond coming through for me.  They are solid as a rock.

Let me remind you again to check yourselves, and get yearly mammograms.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Beauty mistakes that men will notice and walk away from.

There are some beautiful women out there in the world.  Men will eye them and women will size them up.  Then there are the women that we just have to stare at and it is their whooper sized mistakes.  You can't help but notice them.  Let me show you a few of the doozies that have drawn my attention.

The dark roots.

bad hair day.     

Seeing this look just makes me cringe.  I am not sure if it is supposed to be a style statement, or if the person has absolutely no time to look in the mirror and witness the passage of time.  If they are going for getting back to their natural color, there are better ways to do it than this.  You only need a little growth exposed to match a color.
 Bad lipstick.

this is just not right

I just don't know what to say about this lipstick look.  It is a mixture of trying to get a fuller lip and trying to have the natural looks. It is a big peeve to me.

women dressing older than their age.

Helen Bonum Carter
Miss Carter is a beautiful woman.  This looks isn't really the worst I have seen her wear.  In this picture it is the hair I focus on as being so beautiful until she attached all the silly accessories.  It is just a bit much.

Here is pic of my look today.

I call this look chemo chic

Just say no to drug. LOL!

The funniest nurse you will ever meet.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Made in America!

People, when you go shopping do you notice that virtually everything has a made in China sticker on it?  Do you wonder who works in America and if things are still made here?  Well, millions of people work here and as many products are still made here instead of being out sourced.  I will be featuring some of those on my blog from time to time.  Since the theme of my blog is a more beautiful life.  You will find anything from cosmetics, to yard decorations and clothing. 

First let me start with a quick and surprising discovery.  My very favorite cosmetic line is made right here in California.  Lime crime cosmetics is made in Los Angeles California.  I did a little happy dance when Erica aka Doe Deere of Lime crime responded to the question where they were made.  I had the suspicion when they relocated from New York to Cally.  This totally excited me.  Because when I purchase an American product I feel like I am supporting my country a bit more.

For clothing that is made in the good 'ol US of A.  You can shop American apparel at your local mall or go online.  There is a large array of clothing to be shopped.  Men, women, and children's clothing.  Plus they have a vintage line!!  Yummy stuff there.

If you have a desire to put new furnishing in your home.  You may want to check out furniture from Lee Industries.  Opened in 1969 by Bill and Dotty Coley.  The home of Lee industries in North Carolina.  If you would like to view the furniture catalog you can check it out here.

These are just a few of the most awesome American made products you can find.  Now if you are thinking that it is more costly to buy American you will be quite surprised.  Most products that I purchase at Sephora are no less than $40.  While each product I buy at Lime Crime are $14-16.  The clothing at American apparel is right in price point with other stores that sell clothing from other countries.  Such as Aeropostle, and Forever 21.  Both are stores that I really like.  The furniture at Lee industries has such a wide selection and style, with cost being very comparable with other stores such as Ashley furniture.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today, I am the mad hatter.

Hello my people. How are all yawl doing? Here in Texas it is HOT! So, wearing my wig all the time isn't really fun. I do wear it when we go out in public. But while at home I like to chill out. So today my family and I went hat shopping. In this collage you get to see me being a mad hatter. You should check out all the awesome hat fashions that are out there now. I never realized how much fun that hats can be. Having no hair can be a blessing after all.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

French manicure with blue and a silver lining.

People you won't believe the treat I allowed myself today.  After year of diy manicures and nail art, I went to get my nails done.  It was a group event with my mom, sister and daughter.  We had such a blast.  My mom got solar nails.  They look amazing.  The rest of us ladies got manicures and polish.  This nail spa we went to has been rated 5 stars in D (Dallas) magazine.  I have done some research and discovered they have several locations here in Texas.  The name of the salon is Bliss nail spa. It smelled pleasant there, and was very clean.  The people there were all very kind and service oriented.  The experience left us feeling pampered. The hand massage was extra long.  I was relaxed and happy with the results.   So, I have included some photographs of the manicure I got.  It is a french tip that is blue with a silver line beneath it.  It is so beautiful. 

I am wearing cosmopop lipstick by Lime crime with Barry M dust in grey and blue on my lids.  The blush is from Laura Gellar.  My silk scarf is a gift from the Ford warriors in training that they sent with our family team shirts. 

If you live in Texas, try and find a Bliss nail spa.  If not, check out your local city magazines for which nail salons near you rank highest.  Treat yourself to a manicure.  It feels divine.  You'll be so glad you did!

Thank you for dropping in.  See you next time.