Monday, September 19, 2011

RapidLash experiment

Hello people,
As You know I have lost my lashes and brows due to chemo.  My brows never really grew back healthy after my chemo in 2001.  So, with this round of chemo the eyelashes are gone and the brows are not far behind.  I can easily get a prescription for the latisse.  It isn't something that they do a lot of at my chemo office.  For now I think I will try the over the counter option.  The Rapid lash ranks second under the latisse as an eyelash and eyebrow regrowth product.  Starting today I will begin using the rapid lash at bedtime.  They say that it takes 14 days to begin to see results.  That is the pretty much the standard with the top four lash products.  They all say that they take 14 days to begin showing results. 

Gross close up, but you can see that I have only 8 or 9 lashes left and the other eye is bald.        

Starting tonight I will begin to apply this to my lashes and my brows.  I will keep you posted over the next couple of weeks. Just in case you ever wanted to try these products for yourself. 

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