Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hat organization

Hello people, Hats are the topic today. I have so many hats to cover up my super thin hair and the little bald spot on the crown of my head. My method of organizing them has been to keep them in one of the giant sized VS bags. The problem with this method is that I can't see them all. I have to dig through the bag to find the one I want. This was messy and time consuming. So, in an effort to make things quicker to find and prettier, I bought some s-hooks and started sorting. Check out the video and see how it turned out! I think overall it turned out pretty well. A quick, simply and effective solution to a an irritating problem. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sigma brush cleaning glove

Hello people, I recently bought this product. I was totally prepared to hate on it and give it a bad review, based solely on the fact that it reminds me of the Betty Crocker animated oven mitt that they used in their commercials. Too funny. So, I went in to this review having already made up my mind. Check out the video to see if sigma was able to change my point of view. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is beauty? What makes us beautiful or feel beautifl?

Hello people, I want to share a video with you that my husband share through facebook. It is a short video on perception. I believe you will be impacted by the message of this short film. All of you are very important to me as friends and family. I hope that be seeing how you see yourself and much softer others see you will make an impact on YOUR beautiful life. My beautiful life is being focused on doing some gentle yoga floor routines at least 15 minutes a day, continuing to add healthy foods to my diet and allow my self to rest more. Also murdering the voice in my head that tells me negative messages. Tells me I am less than, not good enough, pretty enough, strong enough and so much more. I won't really bbe murdering her. I will just be telling her that a more encourag9ing version of her will be taking her place. It will take a while and alot of focused intention to shut the negative voice down as I phase in motivation and positivity. I will be writing in my journal the problem and the underneigth I will be high lighting some steps to work on daily till this more positive voice takes root and become stronger than the negative voice. I will share my journal entry when it is complete, and keep you posted on how this process works. If I need to change by removing or adding things to the plan. Plus you guys matter so much to me. We all go through these sorts of battles. If you have advice for me share it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. Take a moment to become a subscriber and you'll be up dated each time I post. Thanks for dropping by, Leslie the video can be viewed below

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Charming charlie hat haul

Hello people, Today in an effort to cover my ever decreasing amount of hair, I purchased some new hats for spring. I brought my shopping buddy Sadie with me. She is always super popular in stores. I bought a few hats and a set of new sunnies. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie