Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Results from my lung fluid biospy-Metastatic breast cancer

well my people, as determined as I am to have reconstructive surgery, it may not be in the cards for me right now.  I am in shock as I am writing this to you.  My Pulmonologist just called with my results.  It looks that I have metestatic breast cancer in stage IV.  It wouldn't seem like a healthy situation to do my reconstruction right now.  I have all sorts of Doctors who will be calling me with information after they all have spoken to one another.  My surgeon, Pulmonologist and Oncologist.  So, other than knowing what I have, There is little other information that I have to offer you.  The blessing is that I am surrounded by loving family, and supportive friends, and wonderful people like you.  Thank you all so very much.  It isn't certain right now what my future holds, I am sure to update you as soon as I know anything to pass on. 

With Great respect to you all,


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 days till my life changing reconstructive surgery!

This is an image of me just before I had to have the emergency surgery to remove my implant. I am getting anxious to look a bit like this again. No more inch thick bra straps! I will be able to dress a bit more feminine and a cover up a little less. This past year I have felt positively matronly. My darling Mo, got me some lovely Modcloth dresses for Christmas. These are my goal items to wear once I am healed enough to not have to wear the post surgery garment. Would you like to see them?

4 score and 7 tiers dress

Make a dash dress

It will be a happy day for me when I can wear one of these dresses.  That will be the signal that I am well on my way to becoming healed, healthy and closing this chapter of my life. 
So, My people please keep a happy thought or a prayer in your heart for me as I go through this process.  That way I can get to the after pictures quicker.  Thanks again for going through this ride with me!


Ellen show gives Lady Gaga a cake for her 25th birthday yesterday.

Yesterday was Lady Gaga's 25th Birthday!! So for those That love the Lady, I wanted to share the cake Ellen Degenerous had made for her yesterday on her show. It had different parts of costumes that Lady Gaga has worn on stage. I think it was much less and edible cake than one that was a prop. But it was really creative and I loved the thought that Ellen put into it.
Happy birthday Lady Gaga.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

TOXIC-People can compromise your health, and steal your beauty.

Does that sound dramatic and overstated?  I assure you it isn't.
They fall into about 8 categories according to Psychologists. 

Fits several categories-life sucker, manipulator, disrespectful, negative.

The life sucker- You just can not give this person enough of your time, energy or patience.  No matter how giving your are it will never be enough.  "give an inch take a mile" that is this person's motto. But what you give them can't make them happy, so they will nit pic and find plenty of negative things to say about and to you.  Exit stage left as soon as your realize this person is giving you an ulcer and loss of sleep.  Break up with them!  Make it a totally burned bridge!

Disrespectful- By this I mean beyond casual contact disrespect.  You may work with this person 8-10 hours a day.  Or they may be a family member or a friend of your significant other.  This person will put their nose where it doesn't belong, give you advice you didn't ask for, tell you they don't like your hair, you're too fat, skinny, tall ect.  If you are related you won't be able to avoid this person so you must draw a line in the sand and tell them that you have boundaries and if they cross them it won't be pleasant for them.  Be firm and stand up for yourself.  Wither it is in the office or in your family.

Negative people- they are never happy about anything.  They could win the lottery and they'd be complaining about how they have to pay taxes on it.  They can suck the joy out of a room in 20 seconds flat.  Hang around a person like this for any length of time and you will begin to feel depressed.  They just rub off on you that way.  Over time, you may find yourself not wanting to dress up, or makeup, or go out.  They can really bring you down that far.  Avoid them at all costs.  If this person becomes stalkerish, you will have to tell them to stay far away from you because you're trouble with a capital T.  Make it a game, Just for giggles out negative them.  Talk about the wars and sunomis and oil prices and how the world is going to end.  LOL.  I had this work one time.  I can't guarantee that it works every time.

Marie is an insincere person and a soul killer

Insincere people- They will laugh at your jokes and pat you on the back saying good job when something nice happens.  But it is obvious to everyone that they don't mean it at all.  It is there tone, and body language.  They are dripping with an air of uncaring.  These people are a bit easier to ignore.  So, just ignore them.

Soul killer- No matter what your dreams, goals or aspirations they will crush you with reasons why it will never work out for you.  Why you'll never be good enough.  How you won't make it anywhere in life.   These people erode your soul, your self esteem.  You may have to completely break ties with them. 

Judgmental people- They are a lot like negative people.  They won't have anything nice to say about you.  They want you to see things their way.  They are always right and they think they know everything about everything.  They won't stop till you either leave the relationship or they get you to see their way.  These type of people will chip away at your individuality as they seek to make you in the image of themselves.

The Manipulator-They will slowly get you to do what they want without you even realizing you've been manipulated.  This person can see your weakness and will use it to get you moving in their direction.  Hang around this person and you will do things that you wouldn't ordinarily do.  You will lose your sense of identity and basically you have sold your soul to them. 

Charlie Sheen the Narcissist in life and in Character

The Narcissist- You will know you are with this person, because everything is all about them.  Narcissist tend to  leave your needs in the dirt.  You are expected to focus entirely on their needs, wants and desires to the detriment of your own.  You will be left sucked dry and empty.  When you have nothing left to give, they will move on to fertile ground. 

What all of these personalities can do to your health is this.  They affect your sleep.  You are so focused on them you can't shut it off.  At night you won't be able to sleep.  Any of these personalities can make you lose your focus on yourself and constantly be focused on them. It affects your work, your other relationships, your social life, even your hobbies.  It is stressful and fatiguing.  Leaving you tired and irritable.  Fatigue, lack of sleep, and stress can wreck havoc on your physical health and mental health.  If you are tired, feeling ill and depressed then you can start to have bad health problems.  It can cause your skin to break out, hair loss, weight loss or gain. 

You are who you hang around.  If you aren't who you hang around now, you will become just like them in a matter of time.  You lose yourself.  So, surround yourself with people who bring you joy, have similar likes.  People who will be honest with you but nice about it.  Healthy relationships keep you healthy. 

Being around any of these personalities makes for far less that a beautiful life.  Choose your people wisely.  If more than one person in your life is warning you against a person LISTEN!  People you care about who are warning you are generally looking out for your best interests.  Choose a more beautiful life and surround yourself with positive people who bring fun to and happiness to your life.  Your life won't be perfect, but you will be healthy and not depressed.

Okay people, have a great week.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Finding Mr. Bright

This is a little box of brightening, highlighting miracles. Also there is erase paste which is in my opinion one of the best products to cover up dark circles and imperfections. There are other products such as Dermablend created for burn victims that are a much higher caliber. However, this is an over the counter easy to find and reasonably priced product. I love it. I'll be showing you how simple this kit is to use for a simple light makeup look. It took me less than 10 minutes to use this as well as apply eyeshadow and mascara. Super easy and quick to use. Enjoy the slide show.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I had a little surgery to take fluid from my lungs-update

I've been running around having all sorts of tests.  I shared with you that my films from exray came back showing fluid in my lungs.  Cat scan confirmed it, and yesterday and mri agreed as well.  Today I went to a Pulmonologist.  He sent me to the hospital.

At the hospital I had the fluid from my right lung drained. They can't do both sides in case one lung collapses. So, they did the side that had the largest amount of fluid. I won't go into to details. They drew it all out and it was 700 ml with is 26.6 ounces. That is 2 12 ounce cans of soda pop plus 2 more ounces. I have a photo of the jar they collected in. I was in shocked at the volume. My left lung still has fluid, but we are going to see if it resolves on it's own.  Here is the photo.  I hope the fact that it looks a bit like a glass of beer with a nice head of foam on it doesn't ruin you for beer forever.
700 ml of me juice.  Yuck!
I won't have anything to report unless my lab results from this fluid come back wonky.  My surgery will be on the 4th of April.  Thank each one of you for all of your support!  No kidding, you guys are great.


The sad passing of an Acting Legend Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was born in London. She was the second child of two children. Known for her violet colored eyes.  Elizabeth held dual citizenship between England and the USA.  Because Her parents left England to avoid the outbreak of war, and found roots in Los Angeles California.  As a result of moving there, they were eventually introduced to Cheever Cowden Chairman of Universal studios.  Thus a Star was born.  Her first big film was There's one born every minute.
Of course who doesn't remember her in Lassie come home?  What made fans fall head over heels in love with her was her performance in National velvet.  This film grossed $ million for the studio.  That was huge money at the time.

Elizabeth was adored by her fans.  Women copied her glamorous looks, Men pursued her.  She was married 7 times in her adult life.  Twice to one husband.  Does that count as two marriages, or a do over on one?  In her adult life she received the highest pay any actress had received up to that point by signing a contract to play Cleopatra for One Million dollars.  The year was 1960, and the film came out in 1963.  In the end she ended up being paid Two Million for the roll.

Her Academy award wins were for Butterfield, her second award was for Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?  She did have a lot of nominations though.  I personally think that one of her greatest adult roles was in Cleopatra.

In addition to having been married 7 times, Elizabeth also had 4 children spread out through those marriages.  To Sons with Wilding.  One daughter with Todd, and one daughter with Burton.

Taylor with Mike Todd and Daughter Liza

She was quite the Humanitarian.  She performed in The USO with Bob Hope.  Spread the message about aids and help raise money for research.  She founded the Elizabeth Taylor Aids foundation to provided assistance to people with HIV-Aids,  And to raise awareness. 

Miss Taylor was also famous for having been given two famous pieces of jewelry.  One was the Krupp diamond.  A 69.42 Carot pear shaped diamond.  The other famous piece was the 50 Carol La Peregrina pearl.  This pearl had been the original property of Mary l of England. 
Elizabeth's love of Jewelry, and glamorous style didn't end there.  She was also well known for her white diamonds perfume.  Those commercials were so awesome that the same commercial ran for over 15 years. 

Elizabeth was brought to the hospital for treatment of congestive heart failure in 2004, and cardiac arrest caused by a leaky valve in 2009.  Her heart problems returned in February of 2011.  This caused her to be readmitted to the hospital, where she remained until her death on March 23, 2011.  She has been memorialized and is buried at Forest lawn memorial park in her own private mausoleum.  

Since I will have a great deal of recovery ahead of me in the near future, perhaps I will spend some of my time watching a few Elizabeth Taylor movies.  She may be no longer be with us, but she will forever live on in film. 

In memory of Miss Elizabeth Taylor.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So, what is a Pleural effusion anyway?

I've really gotten off topic of cosmetics and fashion lately.  The whole process of what I am about to go through has sort of overtaken my thought process.  Not to mention the curve ball of the strange images on my lung images and my cat scan.  It is preoccupying me. 

You have heard me talk about the fluid in my lungs being called a Pleural effusion.  I went to my surgeon today.  We are still going forward as though the surgery will happen.  She wants me to have an MRI, which will happen tomorrow. Also a test called a thoracentesis. I'll be having this test done on Thursday. This test is where a Pulmonologist puts a long thin needle or tube, guided by ultra sound, into the effusion and draws out the fluid or blood.  Then they test it for abnormal cells. 

My surgeon and I are heading forward with the surgery plans with hopes that all these tests come back normal.  If they don't, then we will be cancelling again, and I will be updating you on a whole new set of situations. 

Soon I will get back to focusing on things that relate more to topics for this blog.
Thank you everyone who has given me there well wishes, good thoughts and prayers.


I've been scanned and today I get probed.

Well my people,
I had my cat scan yesterday.  Wow, talk about fun.  Not really.  They injected me with this lovely contrast that makes you feel as though you are having the worst hot flash in history.  The radiologist had put a rush on my scan results so that they would be done yesterday.  All the Doctors who were supposed to received the report on the results.  I definitely have a mass on the right lung, and I also have two fluid pockets.  One on each lung.  The fluid pockets can be drained and tested for infection and unusual cells.  There are two theories on the mass.  The radiology technician from my primary Dr. said I need to see me Oncologist because my breast cancer could have metastasized, or I could have developed inflammatory breast cancer.   That is worrisome to me since my sister Lynn died a yr ago of lung cancer.  My surgeon call actually called and spoke with the radiologist who did the scan and the theory they both agree on is this.  The fluid pockets need to be drained and tested.  I have a call in to the kind of Dr that does that for an appointment.  The mass in my chest is partially scar tissue and that my pectoral muscle is twisted.  Part of it is twisted in one direction and the other is going in the other direction.  Just imagine a dish rag.  Put it in your hand and wring it out.  That is what it would look like in my chest.  Since my surgeon took the time to call and talk to the radiologist and call me back personally, plus we have a long running relationship, I tend to believe her and trust her.  The only thing I have to worry about is if any weird cells show up in the fluid in my lungs.  So, Am I worried?  Yesterday, I fell to pieces.  Today, I feel calm and peaceful.  Like it is all under control.

I will let you know when I go in for the fluid to be drawn and what the results are.  I will also be having an mri.  Just to make sure everything looks good there. 

That is the most recent update.

Thanks for stopping by people.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cooking in the kitchen with missditz

Today I am making something special.  While away in Alabama, The folks we went to visit took extra special measures for Anna and I in the cooking department.  Since we are vegetarian they made some special things.  They tend to eat meatless frequently so they had some tasty recipes.  This is one of the most tasty Hummus dishes I have ever tried.  So, I had Dana give me the recipe.  I'd like to share it with you.

Dana's Famous Alabama Hummus

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


I doubled my recipe, so everything is twice as much as I am telling you.

3 or 4 cloves of garlic
1 can or drained garbanzo beans
1/4 cup lemon juice
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp pepper
Dash of hot sauce
1/4 cup olive oil

Process galic in food processor until minced. Add beans and next 4 ingredients; process until smooth, scrap down sides .  Slowly pour olive oil in chute, processing until smooth.  Spoon into a  bowl, cover and chill.  Serve with pita bread or with crackers.
This took 5 minutes to make from beginning to end.  Easy peasy.  My family loved it.  We had a salad and pita bread with it.  If you like hummus, you'll love this.  If you never have tried hummus, try something new, and you will really love this.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ewwww, gross! Your purse is a germ bag.

Hello my people,

I'm fresh home from my Alabama road trip.  We drove straight through instead of staying at a hotel.  Ahhhh, it feels good to be home.  The trip was great.  I'll never forget the memories my Daughter and I made this week.  Awesome best sums it up.

The travel wasn't hard.  I am used to packing and taking off.  One thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me after yesterdays dirty public restroom experiences, was germ bag purses.  What Do you do when there is no door hook?  I usually keep my purse on my shoulder.  But what if it's too long?  Or maybe you are in a restaurant or somewhere else that you may have to put your purse on a table or a floor.  Yuck right?  Here are a few ways to prevent purse germs and how to clean them once you have them.

How to prevent getting germy:

First, never set your purse on the floor anywhere.  Including your own home.  People track things in on their shoes.  Just think, I you have a dog and you walk in your yard.... See where I am heading?  It is best to hang them on a hook or put them in a designated drawer.  Preferably a clean drawer.

Second, If you are in a public area such as a restaurant it is helpful to have a purse hook.  You can find these for purchase in most book stores.  Even some clothing stores sell them where you purchase purses.  There is also another pretty cool product called the fumi bracelet purse hook.  It is pretty adorable.  Here is the link:


Third, when in a bathroom, always hang your purse on the hook provided.  If there is no hook, hold onto your purse in anyway you can.  Just DON'T put it on the floor!  

How to clean your purse:

First, Take all the items out of your purse.  Make sure all the hidden pockets are empty.  Shake the inside of your purse out over trash can.  If that doesn't get out all the little crumbs out, take out your vacuum with the smallest of nozzle attachments and vacuum the inside to get all those creases and seams.  If your purse is fabric, this isn't necessary.  Just flip the inside lining to the outside and run it through the wash cold with like colors.  Now if your purse is leather or leatherish type material, then you will have to clean it by hand.  Once the inside is clean, You can give the outside a bath by using a soft cloth and some warm lightly soapy water to get the dirt off.  Then use a cloth with warm water to rinse the soap off.  I have to admit that I am a cheater and a germaphobe.  I use clorox wipes to clean my purse or handbag all the time.  

Second, lysole is your friend!  It is perfectly acceptable to spray it on the bottom of your purse and the surfaces that you touch the most on it.

Third, if you have already determined you have a germ bag there is a product that you can use to remove every last one of them.  I uses UV light to destroy the little boogers!  You can almost hear them screaming "help me I'm melting" as they are being wiped out.  I am seriously thinking of getting one.  If I do, for sure I will review it on

Pocket purifier

Thing dandy little device will kill germs on door knobs, light switches, cellphones, and anything you want to de-germ.  You can travel with it and use it on surfaces in your hotel room.  I am sure that there are larger more professional models out there too. 

Death to the germs!!  For all of you that for your own reasons have taken up the cause of preventing germs, I hope this information has helped. 

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Freebies with Benefit purchase

Today while I was killing some time, I wondered into an Ulta store.  I've run out of erase paste.  Here was a good opportunity to purchase some.  I decided to flip through the circular, and saw that there was a free finding Mr. Bright (which has erase paste as well as a few other benefit products) with a $25 purchase.  So, I purchased the That gal face primer.  I've never tried this.  This will be a great chance to try something new to review and perhaps tutorial.  There was also supposed to be a free benefit shower cap with this offer.  They had run out.  Instead they gave me a benefit day timer.  Who can't use a place to keep appointments and phone numbers, and emails? 
What a great bargain.  I got all these things.  I've never tried the Girl meets pearl or the That gal.  That gives me something great to look forward to trying.  Soon as I get back to Texas I'll have to show you the products and do a quick trial of them.  I'm looking forward to that. 

We leave Alabama in the morning.  I'll talk to you in a couple days my people. 
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When will the reconstruction happen you ask?

Hello people,
I am sorry I have been so late in my updates about the whole reconstructive process #2.  That's what I am calling it.  Unless you all can suggest a more creative name for my second try at reconstruction?  I am taking all suggestions. 

My presurgery appointment to finalize everything will be on March the 22nd.  The surgery will be on April 4th.  If you haven't gone through surgery before here is what happens.  Before you can have surgery the doctor needs to make sure you are healthy enough to handle the operation.  They send you for blood work called a CBC panel to make sure that your blood looks good.  In my case they also had me go for an EKG for my heart, as well as a chest ex-ray.  For some reason there was some sort of cloudy mass on my right lung.  Since my cancer was on my right and that is the side I've had so many surgeries on, it is most likely a bunch of scar tissue.  Just to be on the safe side, I'll be going in for a Cat Scan on Monday. 

I'm feeling really well.  It is something that I am starting to get excited about having done.  Hopeful is the best word to describe my emotions.  I'm hopeful that this time there aren't any infections or complications.  That it is smooth sailing and that I won't have to have any further surgeries of any kind of nature in the future.  You all have been so supportive.  Thank you so very much.  You guys are the greatest. 

Thanks for stopping by to see my update. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Having a blast in Dothan Alabama

Well People,
I'm in Dothan with my daughter visiting her friend.  I have met his family and they are terrific people.  We've been to the smallest street in the United States. 

smallest street in the USA

Today we went to the visitors center to see the largest peanut.  Since this is the peanut capital of the world. 

I did do a little beauty shopping today.  There is a Merle Norman here, and a few of the bigger l  lines such as  Estee Lauder, and Clinique. So, I didn't buy any samples or find anything to do reviews of tutorials on.  This is a small but charming town.  Because my daughter brought me here to meet her friend Phillip, I have met his parents and brothers and sisters and made some terrific new friends.  Stretching your boundaries beyond your comfort zone, can really be a terrific blessing to your life.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

This side of the Mississippi

Well people,
This week I am taking a road trip with my favorite Daughter.  Well, my only daughter.  We made it from Tx through Louisianna, and crossed the Mississippi into MI.  I've been on "that" side of the Mississippi.  Now I am on this side of it.  I wonder what things are going to be like on this side.  We have stopped for the night and will be taking off tomorrow on our way to Alabama.  So People, if you would post a comment to let me know what we should be doing in Alabama.  Thank you very much.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Lady Gaga....I have a question?

Okay, so check this.  I have all this bizarre questions that roll through my mind while I am day dreaming.  Is there really a hollow tree with Keebler elves making chocolate goodness just for my daily joy?  Did Elvis fake his death?  Is Agent Mulder right?  Is  the truth really out there?????

The question that is baffling me is this.  We have all seen lady Gaga on stage in her fantastical outfits.  You look at her, and there is no way to tell who the real her is.  So, If The Lady were to go out in public incognito would she go as her self?  And would anybody be able to tell or recognize her besides Perez or Paris Hilton?  I know.... It overwhelms the mind doesn't it?

All silliness aside.  I truly do wonder what Lady Gaga looks like when she lets her costumes down and throws on a pair jeans.  Would she be recognizable to a mere mortal like me?  I searched all over the internet for a photo of her as herself.  I could only find one of her performing at the met in 2010.  She was performing at the request of  Anna Wintour.  Miss Wintour had asked her to stay out of costume and not to get all sweaty.  Prior to going on stage this threw Gaga into a full blown tantrum that made her lock herself in the bathroom.  Only coming out when Oprah came to the rescue telling her she was needed and the event couldn't go on without her.  Now I get the outfits.  Before I really though it was about being creative and talented.  After reading the article (which I will link) I really think the outfits are an armour, and provide protection for her fragile nature.

Did you see the picture.  She is really pretty.  Would you recognize her in public?

Well my people, thanks for dropping by


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Manafest on CSI Miami this Sunday March 13th.

Modcloth -I've received my cabin fever goodies!

There is nothing more exciting to me than receiving a package in the mail.  When you have a box to open, even if  you know what is inside, it's like opening a present.  I love that feeling.  The cabin fever sale couldn't have come at a better time.  We'd been through and ice storm, then went to Colorado where it was freezing.  So, when we got home and it was still cold, seeing the sale, it was destiny.

A lot of people look at the prices and think this store is waaaay too pricey.  If the clothes where average  off the rack regular quality clothes, I would agree with that statement.  These items are made by established as well as up and coming designers.  The clothing has unique buttons, detailing and style.  Many of the items are either actually vintage and snapped up quickly, or fashioned after vintage items.  You'll find the stitching is double stitching, there are french seams, and stitch in the ditch stitching.   Higher quality fabrics and trimmings plus all of the extra attention to detail make the clothing completely worth the price.  There is an old saying that one quality piece of clothing that is classic not only will last but will stay in style.  There you go, it is worth the price.

Here are some photos of two lovely jackets that I ordered.

Gumdrop Detective Coat

Double Breasted Carmel Coat

I really love both of these.  The picture on modcloth shows much better the detailing on the gumdrop jacket.  Here is their photo.

Just look at how amazing those buttons are.  But it's the sleeves that really got me.  Plus I just loved how it flairs out in the skirt.  This is my example of paying a little more for great quality.  This is a classic design, great quality, it won't go out of style, and I will be able to wear it with anything for years to come.  Now, I'm not saying run out and spend a fortune on clothes.  Buying a few key classic pieces to punch up your wardrobe each season will build your wardrobe over time.  Then you weave in the regular clothing in with them and Voila!  You have a completely amazing style. 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glasses as a beauty accessory.

Four eyes, You got four eyes! That is the phrase that sends panic and fear through every young child when they hear the dreaded sentence, "you need glasses" It seems that the younger you are the more traumatic it can be. For some reason young ladies take it harder than young men. Kids can be brutal to one another about things like that. Saying things like "boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses. Not so I. We have all seen how mesmerizing the bookish librarian can become when she shakes her bun out and removes those glasses. Well, I say glasses can be cool if you have them. Use them as an uber cool accessory. If you're lucky enough to be able to wear makeup to further accessorize you glasses and draw more attention to your big beautiful eyes.

Michelle Phan, who is one of my all time number one favorite makeup artists, has made several videos about how to accessorize your eyes with glasses. As well as how to play up your glasses with amazing makeup. Here is just one of many of my favorite videos from her. The video sort of goes over into my side frame. To fully enjoy this video please expand it to full screen. Chic Makeup for Glasses:

Many well known stage, movie and musical artists wear glasses and look quite trendy with them. This goes beyond reading glasses, and includes sun glasses. Women and Men alike. Some of those men even wear makeup. Such as Mr. Johnny Depp. The sun glasses can be seriously cool too for those of us born without out the need for glasses.
Jennifer Garner

Kirsten Dunst

Lisa Loeb

Johnny Depp

Hugh Laurie


Michael Weatherly

When you put on sunglasses it immediately adds an air of mystery to you.  There is just something about having your eyes closed off from the world that makes you suddenly become more wonderful looking.  See there, you don't even need to put on eye makeup and you look wonderful!  What a bonus it is to have a great pair of sunglasses.  So, get a pair, or ever two or three.  They don't have to be pricey. They just have to look cool to you.

Jeffery Donovan                                     

Leighton Meester

Tammin Surok

I hope you enjoyed watching the amazing makeup wizardry of Michelle Phan.  Isn't she blow your mind great?  This article has been a blast to do.  Time was lost.  It went so fast.
Thank you for stopping by missditz-thebeautifullife.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Eyeliner Art

There are so many cool ways to do up your eyes with eyeliner beyond the standard fill in around the lash line. Today I want to show you something simple, easy and quick. Perhaps not filled with drama, but it does add an extra bit of PUNCH to your eye. During this season of Mardi Gras, and Carnival, a lot of people will be doing extra fun things with their eye makeup. Things such as actually drawing on their own masks with eyeliners and eyeshadow. The looks are only limited by your imagination. Don't be afraid to try new things.

So here is the video.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's not a beautiful life with cellphone mayhem!

Oh my people.  Today I had the most wonderful honor of watching my daughter be accepted into the Phi Theta Kapa.  The international honor society.  The ceremony was beautiful.  Except for the cell phone orchestra.  You would think that cells have been around long enough that people would know some simple etiquette.  When in a public even, you either turn it off or turn the ringer to off.  If you hear one cell go off it should be a signal to you that you should check to make sure yours is off. 

One phone went off, and I was like, "okay, that's to be expected, now everyone will turn them off".  Then another and a third, then a fourth.  That is around the time I was fantasizing in mind of standing up and turning around toward the sound and saying "hey, we all think your ring tone is cute, but we would enjoy it more if you would play it after the ceremony is over, so why don't we ALL turn our phones off?"  That made me smile.  Cause I know that by actually doing that I'd be worse than the ring tones themselves, but the idea of totally calling out a person who is disrupting a special time made me grin.  Heck, earlier in the event a young woman with a cranky child even left the room with him rather than interrupt things for everyone else.  I appreciate that simple common sense act.  It couldn't have been fun for her to leave.  But it was sure thoughtful.

Since this site is as much about having a beautiful life as it is about makeup, and beauty products.  I just want to remind everyone to be beautiful with your electronic sound pollution.  Today made me aware of how many of our electronic products give off little beeping, buzzing, and whirring noises.  From our digital cameras, and phones, to even the wireless headsets.  I'm going to become a positive force in not causing cellphone mayhem!

Have a beautiful day today.


Friday, March 4, 2011

The joy, and the pain of a mammogram

My people, today I did the thing that sends most adult women into a cold sweat of absolute dread.  Yes, that is right, the word whispered in hushed tones with a shudder in our voice.  A mammogram.  For me it is ever so special.  Since one side is sort of less than there.  The technician gets to wedge me, cram me, squish me, and cram me into the machine.  If you have never had a mammogram here is what the machine looks like.

The mammogram I had today was a presurgery test for my reconstruction.  Which I will be doing bright and early on the morning of the 21st of this month.  I made a promise to yall that I'd keep you posted so here are the details.   I'll be having a section of muscle moved from under my shoulder blade to my breast muscle.  Then they will slip an implant that can be inflated with fluid over a period of time.  This will is called tissue expansion.  After many months of a bit of pain and healing, I should be back to normal.  Plus I get to have a nice tattoo of a a nipple area. 

That is a lot of detail right?  Breast cancer and reconstruction can be a very scary thing.  I am not sharing so much of myself to scare anyone, but instead to let you know it is going to be okay, if you are facing this yourself.  The mammogram, well, that's just annoying.  The surgery, once you have it all mapped out and know what to expect it is just a series of steps.  Put one foot in front of the other and before you know it you will have walked them all. 

As things progress, I'll be keeping you posted, cause your my people.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is in my kit?

An artist's kit is a wild and mysterious adventure. Filled with many products. Professional high end products as well as inexpensive products from a many odd and unique place. How about I start at the beginning. Without going and labeling every item I have in my kit, I will hit the high notes and add the filler items.

Firstly you must have a great cleanser, toner and moisturizer as these three items are the basis of achieving a final beautiful image. I use cetephil, witch hazel, and first aid ultra repair cream. You really need a great set of brushes, if possible two so that you can not have to stop and clean while working on a client.

Now you've used the triad for healthy skin to prepare for the rest of your makeup. For most of my life I didn't use this and once I began it made such a huge difference in how my makeup looked and lasted it like a miracle. That product is a facial primer. There are a lot to choose from. My favorite is Makeup forever HD. You'll need a good concealer or color corrector (hiding dark circles or going back after shadow application to clean up under eye area), foundation, powder, blush/bronzer, eyeshadow primer (I use Lime crime) eyebrow pencil or wax, eyeshadow, eyeliner or all sorts,and Finishing powder. Don't forget lipstick, or lipgloss.

Those are the basics for cosmetics. I also carry headbands for holding hair out of the way. A good pair of tweezers to capture the stray eyebrow hair or other facial hair, q-tips for cleaning up mistakes around the eyes or cleaning up around the lip line. Most professional artists will use a blending palette for mixing cream makeups to create a new color. You can buy one or use pre-cut wax tissue paper palettes that you can purchase at hobby lobby or beauty supplies. I cheat and use the back of my hand.

Washing your hands and hand sanitizing is very important to keeping cross contamination down between your hands, brushes and their skin. Once you have washed, toned and moistured their face, the last thing you want is to blow on a brush to remove excess powder and then put your yucky germ riddled brush on their face. That is another reason for having two sets of brushes instead of just one.

How to carry your kit from place to place. There are a lot of fancy professional kits out there for carrying your products. You don't need to spend a fortune. A suitcase with wheels works fine. You can keep your individual items separated into specific bags for the type of cosmetic that is in them. The suitcase can be divided into sections using sponge that you buy at the fabric store. Or you can simply buy a suitcase that has sections already.

Here is a small list of makeup companies I use:
Makeup Forever
Ben Nye
I also really like this web site  There is a large selection of High quality professional products as well as high quality inexpensive products from companies that have been around forever.  That are staple products in kits around the works. Such as Girlactic, and amuse.

Have fun as you build your kit.  Wether it is a kit for your own personal use or for financial pursuits.  Thanks for reading missditz-the

Kickin it old school

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Curl Formers

For the very best in Spiral curls, There is the curl formers curling system.  I have shown this system to you through the companies video promotion on  Since then I've purchase a set of my own and tried them a time or two.  They leave a really nice ringlet curl.  It is very soft and feminine.  What I love most, for myself anyway, is that my hair is thin.  That means I can put the curlers in with damp hair then blow dry the curlers a bit and Viola!  I have saved time and effort and have nice spirally curls in a very short time.  Below is a video of the whole process from beginning to end.  I hope you enjoy.  They are super easy, and fun to use. 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Benefit You Rebel review

Recently I ran out of my face powder. I decided that it would be a good time to try a time saver product. I have a thing for benefit, so I got myself a tube of the You Rebel. It is moisturizer and foundation. That is a total twofer. I still put my regular moisturizer on. Dry skin ya know. Well, I have been using it for a month now. The consistency is really think and creamy. I put a pearl size drop on the back of my hand and then use a buffer brush to wisp it all over my face and neckline. Going from a powder to a cream is a huge change. I hadn't realized that the powder was making me look even more dry skinned.

John Galliano, what is up with that?

Wow, This guy is crazy.  Crazy talented, and crazy in the head.  If you haven't heard, Mr. John Galliano Fashion designer for the house of Dior has been caught been very naughty in a Paris bar, chastising a couple (who wasn't even Jewish) with massive anti semitic statements.  All caught on film and posted all over the internet, played on news channels all over the world. 

Here is the brief and most important part:

This video so offended Miss Natalie Portman, who is the new spokesperson for Dior. She also was born in Jerusalem Israel, and happens to be Jewish. Much right to feel offense yes? She made a nicely worded statement about her offense at his being part of the company she is now a rep for. Not long after, Mr Galliano was Let go.

After you have watched the video I want to state something that should be obvious to anyone who studied history in Junior high or High school. Yes, Hitler killed Jews, but he also killed Gypsies, Catholics, and Gays. Mr. Galliano happens to be gay. Not saying he is a hypocrite, but if his pricey fashionista shoes fits.... He can't love Hitler, If Hitler would have killed him for his lifestyle, and still hate Jews can he? I dunno, it seems sort of twisted logic to me. I'm much confused by this. Why couldn't he just eat his dinner and leave the other diners to eat theirs in peace too? The world may never know. I suppose that is what keeps the world going. The interesting things that crazy people do. Wether you love his fashions of not, I am sure the majority would agree there is a way to behave in public, and that wasn't it.

Bottom line for me is that Natalie is Bad Ass and I love her as actress and a person. Her Statement was classy and not hateful. It could have been emotional and mean spirited. I'm so proud of how she handled it.

Well, I guess I went on a bit of a rant myself didn't I?

Thanks for stopping by for this one.