Thursday, June 30, 2011

Makeup organizers, and storage ideas

Hello people,
I've shared photos of my makeup storage in the past.  It really is a more temporary solution.  Sort of the college dorm version of how to store cosmetics. I really want something pretty, and grown up looking.  So, I've been going through ideas found online and here are a few that you may find interesting.

For one small payment of $679.00 you can own this very bright pink toolbox.  From the company pink toolbox.  You can find this at
There are a lot of drawers of varying sizes.  This makes it possible to store all sizes and shapes of cosmetics.  Making it a very organized and spacious place to keep your girly items.

You may just need a small box or two to place things in hiding.  For that you may find these boxes useful.  They can be found at

This is perfect for the woman who has a few items and wants to keep them at arms reach

This is a nice way to store your curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer.  Plus has a few cubbies and a drawer for small items.  

Here is the idea I like the best.  It was found on

Here is the video of where I borrowed the idea for what I would like to do.  I totally credit Misschevious for this idea.

I would like to just use the table top lighted makeup mirror that I currently have. Although it would be nice to use the same mirror as in the video or one similar to it.  It comes in white, black and a dark brown. It is only available in the store, not online.

When I get all the things together to create my adult looking makeup table storage area, and have it all done. I will take photos and a video and post it here on missditz-the beautifullife.

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