Friday, February 26, 2010

New method of organizing my messy makeup

This is something I am trying out as a method for tidying up my messy makeup. Let me know your thoughts. Would you try this. Can you think of a prettier, more spacious way? More us user friendly or more easily transportable? Your thoughts are important to me. Lets get the discussion rolling


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last minute valentines ideas

 Hello People,
Are you stuck for what to get your special someone for Valentines day (or Hallmarktines day as I refer to it) this year?  If so, have I got a great idea for you!  Head on over to and get thee a gift certificate at once.  Your beloved can use this for products on their website or find a spa and use it there.  It is a really thoughtful, romantic gift.  Flowers die, chocolates make us gain weight, but a day at the spa she or he will never forget.  
More details below:
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Play Cupid this year with a SpaFinder Gift Certificates - the perfect way to treat a loved one to a day of ultimate pampering!

This year, make Valentine's Day A SpaFinder Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I just found the cutest new blog.

I was puttering around the internet and came across this new blog.  New to me that is.  It's call makeupper.  Isn't that the coolest name?  I have so much fun discovering something that is new to me.  There are a lot of sites out there that are so similar.  When you find something new and unique is just so refreshing.  This blog is really packed full of useful tutorials, articles and reviews.  Not to mention that there are some really awesome blog links to follow.  It just so happens that the blog owner is running a contest.  Her first ever.  You should stumble by  Check out the site, and while you are there enter her contest.  You'll have a blast on this site.  I can pretty much assure it.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tattoos and Kat Von D

I have always wanted to get a little tattoo of a dove.  Just because it represents something religious to me.  I've heard that I would regret it though and that has held me back.  Have you ever watched L.A Ink?  Kat Von D is so talented and beautiful.  Not to mention a strong, smart business woman.  She has recently launched her line of cosmetics in Sephora.  One of her products is a tattoo cover up.  I had been wondering how well a product like that can truly work.  Kat shows us in this video and the pictures that I show below how amazing this new product can be.  Most people don't have art that covers them as much as hers does, but you can see how it covers all her tattoos.  So, a person with a small tat shouldn't have any trouble with coverage.  In addition, I believe this may work much the same as dermaflag.  A product designed to correct and conceal scars from burn victims.  I am sure that you could use her cover to correct blemishes and scars as well.

Here is her video:

Here is her photo showing her artwork:

Here is a photo of her after the cover up has been applied:


Does this not seem amazing to you?  I was blown away.  The mind races with all the potential applications this can have in makeup wear.  Covering a port wine stain, scars, age spots, sun damage.  I guess the possibilities are limitless.  It depends on your creativity.  I really have to give Kat a thumbs up for this product.  She hit a home run with it.  

Makeup has the power to control the world!

Have you ever thought about all the ways that makeup influences change?  Well, it does.  How do you think the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan?  A makeover of course!  I stumbled across an article by Gad Saad Ph.d. It had a cute behavioral study that was performed by Nicolas Gueguen.  Here is the premise:

Two women go into a bar and are watched by observers.  The point is to see the number of times the ladies get approached or spoken to.  Whether they wore makeup or not. So, the ladies go to the bar on two different days.  On one day without makeup and on the other with makeup.   They sat together and chatted while two male observers kept track of the number of times men made attempts at talking to the ladies.

Here is how it went down:

This is how long it took for first contact
    When wearing makeup: 17.09 minutes
     When not wearing makeup: 23.08 minutes
Average number of Dudes that tried to make a love connection after one hour
     When wearing makeup: 2.07
     When not wearing makeup: 1.57

The final conclusion on this little test was that when the women had makeup on they were approached more quickly and more often. Go figure, right?  My own little poll of the men in my life has revealed that my fellas (hubby and son) think that if a woman puts a little war paint on it shows that they care about taking care of themselves.  I concur.

In another study that I read a while back children were shown pictures of the same woman with and without makeup.  They were asked to tell which woman was the nice one and which was the mean one.  The number of girls and boys in the study were the same.  Overwhelmingly the children picked the lady with the makeup as the nice one.  They had to be told that they were the same woman when the test was over, and the kids were all really surprised.

I am sure that you could find all sorts of studies to prove it further.  A woman in makeup has nothing but a positive affect on the world.  Men even get noticed more when they wear makeup.  Don't you agree?  Lol.


footnote:  The above study was written about by Guy Saad Ph.d in the magazine psychology today.  The study was performed by Nicola Gueyuen in 2008.