Monday, October 29, 2012

A few of the healthy snacks I have been enjoying lately

Hello People! How is everybody doing? I am feeling pretty good. I usually do after a week off from chemo treatment. Life is busy. we went to Vegas. Saw Cirque de Soliel there. The show was O. Really impressive. Still am wondering what the story line was though....LOL. I turned 47 on Friday. It was a nice day, and I got to see my sister Judy and her son, his wife, and their sweet 18 month old. Plus my mom made a nice meal. It made the day special. Saturday Mo and Anna and I went to see Argo and then to eat at Maggiano little Italy. YUM! Mo has been working on gutting our kitchen. He tore out the cabinets, and floors, and put new sub floor. Contractors put new windows in today. Now there are more contractors here to do lighting and electrical. It's a special joy to live without a sink and dishwasher! You should try it. Tomorrow I have chemo for a 3 week cycle. It will be my last for a while at least with Dr. R. I am heading back to Tx for warmer weather and my old oncologist Dr. Costa. I'll at least be there for the rest of the winter. I see Dr. Costa on Nov the 27th. I'm really looking forward to seeing him and his treatment team again. It will also be great to see and perhaps spend some time with E-dawg. (My son) Most details are yet to be determined. Such as living arrangements and what job I'll get. I will need to get a job in order to make ends meet. It will be totally worth it though in order to have less pain caused by the severe cold weather and and constant bitter wind that we have here in Elbert county Colorado. So, that is the news I've been referring to in my recent videos. To answer your unasked question, Mo and I are getting along fine. We are the best of best friends. This is just how we have to do things to keep healthy and comfortable. I have filmed a short video on some of the healthy snacks that I'm enjoying lately. Take a second and post a comment to share the snacks you enjoy. I love hearing from you guys. Leslie

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back from seeing Cirque De Soliel O

Hello People, I am on my first day back from Vegas. We did a lot of things there that make it a beautiful life. First and foremost, we (Mo and I) spent time together. We took things pretty casual and unplanned. We hung out at Margaretta-ville, walked the strip, went to Vegas famous gold and silver pawn shop from Pawn stars. The second day there we went to the Hoover Dam, and had a lovely meal in Boulder City at Milo's wine shop. That evening we did some window shopping then went to see O. Now You all know how much I love makeup. There were some crazy makeup looks in this show. The show itself was beyond anything I had imagined. Swimming, flying, fire, diving, singing, dancing, acrobatics, light show, sound effects. We never had seen anything like it. Just amazing. I highly recommend going if you have an opportunity. If you have ever wondered about what it would take to recreate one of the looks from Cirque De Soliel, take a minute to watch this video of their makeup workshop. So much talent goes into all the details that put a huge production like that together. It is truly mind blowing. I hope you enjoyed the video. Being there was something that really added to my beautiful life. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie

Monday, October 15, 2012

The view from my front porch

Hello my People, Are you doing good? I am, but a little tired. I realize it has been about a year since we have moved here and you've never seen my yard. So, here is the view from m front porch. I will do a room tour of our bedroom soon. We just rearranged it. It looks a lot bigger the way we've got it laid out now. So anyhow, be looking for my next video to be a room tour. Enjoy the view from my front porch. Thanks for stopping by. Leslie

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Beautiful life has gone to the dogs

Hello people, This past week has been seriously rough. I've been to chemo, and we had to put our dog Biscuit to sleep. She was 17 and was in poor health. I loved that dog. Life was busy with dog classes, chemo, and household stuff. Life seems to be getting busier and busier. How about your life? Post comments below to let me know how you are doing. I have put together a little slide show for you of the things going on with us. It's all gone to the dogs! LOL!! Leslie

Monday, October 1, 2012

My must have products that I will be repurchasing

Hi People,

Happy October 1st.  I have put together a video of must have makeup products.  These are all things that have lasted a while and work super well.  I think you'd like all of these items.  Let me know your thoughts by leaving comments below.