Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spot light on Advertisers.

Hello people,

I would like a take a moment, from time to time, to spot light some of the advertisers on my page.  It was a really difficult decision to do ads at all.  But when I made the jump, I wanted to be very selective.  The ads were chosen based on a few criteria.
1.  They had to be somehow related to living a more beautiful life.

2.  They had to be companies that I believe in based on having done business with them before.
     (or have wanted to do business with for a while)

3.  They had to be companies that have proven to be consistent in product and customer service.

Today I would like to shine a spotlight on C.O. Bigelow.  On their splash page the description of their company is this:

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BIGELOW...Our 168-year old apothecary tucked amid the bustling chic of New York City's West Village.  This on-line catalog is rife with some of our favorite and best selling items: items that have stood the test of time, items that are designed to amuse, and some that are just plain good for you.  With our belief in the highest quality products, we travel the world, scouring for items that make a difference in the way you look and feel.  For decades our landmark store has been a destination spot for discerning New Yorkers. Today, Bigelow continues to draw a cross section of dwellers, from celebrities (we won't go name dropping), to fashionistas, to neighborhood devotees who cherish the rarity of our old school approach...
"If you can't get it anywhere else, try Bigelow...
We now ship to Australia, Canada, England and Japan!  All international orders are usually shipped out within two business days.

I have not yet made a  purchase from them.  But as a frequent lurker on their site, I do have a deep interest in ordering the rosemary hair oil.  My hair is so dry and frizzy.  As a big spender on product, I have to make myself use what I have before I buy more.  But as soon as my hair product is down to the last drop, I'll be all over purchasing some hair product.  They sell a wide range of cosmetics, color, personal care, apothecary items.  Here is a list of the top products in their cosmetics/color range.
01.Purple Lab™ Huge Lips Skinny Hips - Lychee Martini
02.Lippmann Bootylicious
03.Purple Lab™ Huge Lips Skinny Hips - Red Sole
04.Purple Lab™ Huge Lips Skinny Hips - Love Your Thighs
05.Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm - Blushed
06.BALANCE - Antioxidant Hydration Spray
07.Revolution Organics The Lip Balm
08.POMMISST™ Hydration Spray
09.Amazing Base® Loose Minerals SPF 20 - Amber
10.Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge
Let me know if you have tried products through C.O. Bigelow before.  Tell me what your thoughts on the products where.  When I make my purchase, I will let you know how it goes, and tell you my opinions on the products, and the company service.  

That's my spotlight for today,


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Makeup forever 12 color flash palette vs kryolan 18 color shimmering visions cream palette

Hello people, 

I hope that this post finds you all doing well.  It is fridge cold in Texas.  My poor puppies don't want to go outside.  Maybe the weather is better where you are.  Let me jump right in with my dilemma.  I have just started out as a makeup artist.  I haven't yet begun to work.  But I would like to start building a kit to do freelance work.  Many of the well known artists sites say that in their kits they have the Makeup forever 12 color flash palette.  As you may know, this is pricey and only available at sephora.  It comes in at a whooping $93 dollars.  I knew that there had to be a comparable product available for less money.  After some research I found the Kryolan 18 color shimmering visions cream palette for $53.00.

I don't know about you, but the Kryolan seems like a way better bargain.  More colors for less money, and 12 of them seem like exact dupes of the Makeup forever palette.  Being pretty new to the industry, I hope some of you can tell my why one would be better than the other.

top pic- makeup forever 12 color flash palette, bottom pic-kryolan 18 color shimmering vision palette

If you look at these side by side you can see the gold, silver, peach, blue, turquoise, red, yellow, green, pink, magenta, white, and brown from the mufe are also in the kryolan.  The kryolan has bronze, purple, orange, cream, sea blue, copper in addition.  I have heard great things about both products.  They both contain the same amount of product per well.  So the price difference can't be based on that.  I just would really love your opinion People.

As Alice's door mouse would say ,
Thank you muchness,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Part Two Alive in Wonderland

This is the second part of the Alice in Wonderland Palette video. Hope you enjoy.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows has arrived

I am very excited to share this with you. It is so beautiful. The colors are amazing. The names are whimsical and fun. If you have or get one of these, you will truly enjoy it.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Special things are happening at Spa finder.

Hey Everybody,
Here is a little tip to help you get ready for Valentines day.

Valentine's Day Early Bird Special!

This year, you can get a head start on Valentine's Day! Starting today and through February 10th only, we are offering a couple of special offers! First, on orders over $50, you can get a Free Gift Box & Free Shipping! The promo code will be VAL2. And on on orders over $100, we're offering a Free Cosmetic Case & Free Shipping! The promo code for this offer will be CASE.

This is an awesome site to check out. They have a section for sale items, and it is really fun to shop there.

Have fun getting gifts for you loved ones,


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten Thing I'd Love to know about you.

Le list
1. Mood: half awake, sort of zoned
2. What’s one thing you’ve learned about love? It takes commitment and work
3. Flats or heels? usually flats, but lately I am getting into heels more
4. Coffee or tea? Coffee in a big big way
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes
6. Do you watch many award shows? Only if nothing more important is going on
7. Favorite lipstick color of the moment? Heatherette
8. What did you have for dinner last night? A huge chopped salad with feta cheese and ranch
9. Outfit: outfit of the day is jeans and t from nasa that says "I need my space"
10. Weekly goals: My goal this week is to go to the 3 day class from Last Looks Academy being held in Dallas, and learn everything I can about makeup artistry, and to get my daughter through her S A T on Saturday.

tag you're it,


Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm late / I'm late / For a very important date. No time to say "Hello." Goodbye. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

I'm getting into the spirit of the upcoming release of Alice in wonderland.  Such an amazing book to read.  Followed by the second book Through the looking glass.  There are some spectacular quotes from the book in the link above.  I can't wait for the moving to come out.  It promises to be amazing.  In the true spirit of our hurried Rabbit, who is late for a very important date, I made sure I wasn't late to order the new Book of Shadows III.  The Alice in wonderland pallette.  This should be arriving in my mail soon.  This time, I rushed to get it before it sold out.  The book of shadows II went so quickly at Christmas.   They were when I went to get one. 

In addition to the Book of Shadows, I stumbled upon the O P I Alice in wonderland polish set.  The colors are so lovely.  I did a swatch that you will see above.  The colors are from left to right:

Thank you muchness
Mad as a hatter
Off with her red
Absolutely Alice

The two glitters are so beautiful when you polish your nails with them.  I am not a true fan of glitter polish.  These have super fine glitter and go on so smoothly.  They do require two coats to have even color.  The resulting look is stunning.  The other colors are really quite glossy and rich.  There are other colors in the Alice in wonderland range.  You can find them anywhere O P I is sold.  Go down the rabbit hole, have an adventure with these new colors.  You will be glad that you tried them.  They are so fun.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Spooky stories from the Skirvin Hilton

This video has a little ghost story from my stay at The Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma city Oklahoma. There is a bit more detail than I share on the video, but you should be able to track down info on the past and current events there. Also, I am sharing with you some information on where to get some discounted cosmetics from quality brand companies. Many of these products are currently available, and some are being phased out. But hey, makeup is makeup right. If you could get your urban decay liquid liner for half off wouldn't you? So, Check out what I purchased, and listen to some site recommendations. Enjoy the vid!!