Saturday, January 30, 2010

Makeup forever 12 color flash palette vs kryolan 18 color shimmering visions cream palette

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I hope that this post finds you all doing well.  It is fridge cold in Texas.  My poor puppies don't want to go outside.  Maybe the weather is better where you are.  Let me jump right in with my dilemma.  I have just started out as a makeup artist.  I haven't yet begun to work.  But I would like to start building a kit to do freelance work.  Many of the well known artists sites say that in their kits they have the Makeup forever 12 color flash palette.  As you may know, this is pricey and only available at sephora.  It comes in at a whooping $93 dollars.  I knew that there had to be a comparable product available for less money.  After some research I found the Kryolan 18 color shimmering visions cream palette for $53.00.

I don't know about you, but the Kryolan seems like a way better bargain.  More colors for less money, and 12 of them seem like exact dupes of the Makeup forever palette.  Being pretty new to the industry, I hope some of you can tell my why one would be better than the other.

top pic- makeup forever 12 color flash palette, bottom pic-kryolan 18 color shimmering vision palette

If you look at these side by side you can see the gold, silver, peach, blue, turquoise, red, yellow, green, pink, magenta, white, and brown from the mufe are also in the kryolan.  The kryolan has bronze, purple, orange, cream, sea blue, copper in addition.  I have heard great things about both products.  They both contain the same amount of product per well.  So the price difference can't be based on that.  I just would really love your opinion People.

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  1. the price is based on the product. The flash palette is a grease paint (oil based), where as kryolan is water based.

  2. No, Kryolan Aquacolors are water-based...this is definitely a cream formula akin to MUFE's flash colors.

    I've just ordered the Kryolan and I have the MUFE...I would say just from pictures that the Kryolan seems to have more shimmer-based colors whereas all the colors in the flash palette minus the two metallics are pure opaque shimmer-free.

  3. Thx for the info i've been searching for a min trying to find the difference between the two other than price so i'm thankful to you!