Wednesday, June 1, 2011

French manicure with blue and a silver lining.

People you won't believe the treat I allowed myself today.  After year of diy manicures and nail art, I went to get my nails done.  It was a group event with my mom, sister and daughter.  We had such a blast.  My mom got solar nails.  They look amazing.  The rest of us ladies got manicures and polish.  This nail spa we went to has been rated 5 stars in D (Dallas) magazine.  I have done some research and discovered they have several locations here in Texas.  The name of the salon is Bliss nail spa. It smelled pleasant there, and was very clean.  The people there were all very kind and service oriented.  The experience left us feeling pampered. The hand massage was extra long.  I was relaxed and happy with the results.   So, I have included some photographs of the manicure I got.  It is a french tip that is blue with a silver line beneath it.  It is so beautiful. 

I am wearing cosmopop lipstick by Lime crime with Barry M dust in grey and blue on my lids.  The blush is from Laura Gellar.  My silk scarf is a gift from the Ford warriors in training that they sent with our family team shirts. 

If you live in Texas, try and find a Bliss nail spa.  If not, check out your local city magazines for which nail salons near you rank highest.  Treat yourself to a manicure.  It feels divine.  You'll be so glad you did!

Thank you for dropping in.  See you next time.


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  1. I LOVE your nails Leslie! They are just gorgeous, there's another like having someone else do them for a change huh? I got mine done for my birthday and it's an awesome treat :D Absolutely adore the scarf to match as well!