Friday, October 7, 2011

Here are a few of my favorite sites.

Hello People,
I have a confession to make.  I am a purpose driven shopper.  Yes, that's right.  I don't usually like to go shopping unless I have something in my mind.  It is usually something that I have made up in my head.  For instance I may want a shirt and have an image of what it should look like.  I go shopping, and of course I won't find what I want.  There won't be anything that is exactly what I want.  This makes me cranky!  It makes me not want to go shopping at all.  Another confession is that I love presents!!!  When a package arrives in the mail with  my name on it it makes me giddy inside with excitement.  You would thing this would be a temporary rush, but nope.  It is long lasting.  I buy for long term enjoyment.  The clothes I buy are investments to me.  If I buy something to wear I usually go for something classic that can be added to or taken away from and will not go "out of season".  So there are a few retro or vintage type sites for clothes.  Here is a little list of some of the clothes sites I like to shop at. 
Pinup girl clothing is a great site for all shapes and sizes.  It is great for a girl like me who has curves.  You can easily order clothes there and not worry that it will be the wrong size.  There are clothing charts and the outfits are very tailored and stylized.  You will LOVE the retro-ness of the site.  The clothes are very "mad men" looking.  I enjoy day dreaming.  To check it out personally follow the link below:

You also may have heard me mention Mod cloth a time or three.  LOL!  My daughter and I really LOVE this site.  There is such a wide selection of fun and funky classic clothing.  You'll also find housewares, jewelery, shoes and other accessories.  They have a blog with recipes, fashion and decorating ideas. It is fun to read, the writers are interesting. There is even a section of vintage products.  It is a popular part of the site.  They get snapped up pretty quickly.   The link is:

The third place on line I like to shop for clothes is Ruche.  It is a beautifully done website with great sections.  There are great clothing varieties, home and office, swim suits, curvy and plus sizes.  It also has an interesting blog to read.  I always learn a little something when I visit the blog. It has great people writing.  The photos and layout are really exciting!

It is a bit more expensive than my usual haunt of Target.  They have some pretty fun clothing in their campaign international line.  But it isn't that much more pricy.  When you spend a few more dollars at these sights you will find clothes that have double seams, blind hems, french seams, and beautiful decorative stitching and embroidery.  All high quality items that you can wear for many years because retro never goes out of style.  Style never goes out of style.  Plus Fun clothes are always fun. 

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