Monday, June 25, 2012

Fiber mascara review and what I am listening to on my i pod.

Hello my people, How are you all doing? I hope you are having a fun Summer filled with travel, barbeques, pool parties and beach trips. I have had some house guests and some barbeques. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the water park. It isn't safe for me with my bone metastasis to go down water slides (broken bones and such) Instead I have been doing some shopping and online ordering (Amazon, hautelook ect) I will do a recent loot video soon. I really want to share these great finds with you! I am embedding a recent review on fiber mascara and the NYX eye marker, plus a couple songs that are getting a lot of play time on my cell phone lately. Thanks for stopping by the beautiful life, Please take a moment to subscribe or leave a comment, Leslie

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