Monday, November 19, 2012

Holding my breath.

Hello people, Have you ever had that feeling that you've been holding your breath? I feel sort of like that. Not literally, but in a figurative way. For a long while now I have been feeling as though my life has been on pause and I've been waiting for life to start again. I recently made the leap to leave Colorado and return to Texas. Since returning this week, My oxygen level has gone from it's all time low in the 80's to a high of 99. Which I think is pretty awesome. My physical pain is on low end of the spectrum too. It was pretty tiring to make the drive from Colorado to Tx all by myself. But it makes me very pleased that I was able to do it. Of course I wasn't entirely alone, I did have my sidekick Sadie the Dachshund with me.
(this is Sadie passed out at the hotel after we arrived in Texas) She did awesome for a 4 month old dog on a first road trip. I'm proud of her. She is one of the best furry persons ever. ( Oscar is in the lead as far as furry persons go )
(this is Oscar taking a "cat nap" ha ha) So, what am I going to do not that I am here you ask? Well, once I get an apartment and employment, I am going to enjoy life. It would be so awesome to have everyone I know and love here enjoying life with me. I guess I will just have to keep praying about that. In the meantime, it is so great to be breathing, have energy and not be in sever pain. It is totally a beautiful life!!!!1 Thank you so much for stopping by, Leslie

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