Saturday, June 29, 2013

So much to do.

Hello people, You would not believe how busy this week has been! It all started with chemo treatment on Tuesday. That happened in the morning. In the afternoon I threw an overnight bag in the van and took off on a one day road trip with my beloved to Oklahoma City. The devastation in Moore Okla, was a sad sight. I feel so awful for the people there. They lost everything. I've never seen anything like that. Houses completely obliterated next to houses with no damage at all. Spooky looking at it from my safe passenger seat as we whizzed by, unaffected but not unchanged by it. I got to explore the local mall there on Wednesday, and found it to be really nice. That afternoon was our road trip home. It was great to get back home too. This week I have also begun to crochet a lap blanket with bunny yarn. It has big puff balls with a loose thread between each puff. It is purple, green, yellow and white. Very pastel and pretty. I'll have to photo it when it is complete. It's going to be so pretty. Also, I went geochaching with my daughter. For the first trip out, we found the location, but no cache. The location was a beautiful park by lake Lewisville that I never knew was there in the whole 17 years I lived here. It was a great find. So beautiful, and not finding the cache didn't matter because we were enjoying living in that moment so much. Today we went caching again and even found the digital clue of a QR code posted on a sign. Scanning that code gave us a website with a phone number, the number had a funny voice mail with another clue that took us to gps coordinates. That led us to a school and the trail grew cold. But it was the adventure of it that was so much fun! Plus the time spent with my family creating memories. I will always remember spending this day with my daughter and our dogs. ADVENYURE! I guess I will kick back and relax the rest of the weekend. I couldn't let a whole week go by without connecting with YOU though. Thanks for reading my blog. I will do my best to resume filming v-logs next week. Leslie So

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