Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The long and winding road

Hello people,

Guess where I'n at? If you guessed, in the middle of Arkansas on our way to Knoxville, you are a winner!  This has been an arduous trip. We packed and loaded the moving van yesterday, and cleaned our apartment. That was so much work to do following chemo. I'm hoping that time will block the memory of this difficult trip. I can honestly say that this journey has been filled with stories for the future. The DISTANT future. I had a very animated exchange and with Woman in an parking lot here in Arkansas. I wasn't the nicest person in response to mental cruelty. It really scared her off when I said " lady, I had chemo yesterday, I have nothing to lose!" In this instance the Chemo card actually actually worked for me! In the future, I hope this can become a funny holiday story a out crazy 'ol mom! Ha ha.

Aside from all that, I am car hopping from the moving van to my daughters car.  I snapped a couple of cool photos of a bridge next to an actual pyramid as we left Arkansas ( good riddance and no offense meant to people who live in AR, I'm just happy to be closer to Knoxville) So, I'm inserting those photos and the welcome to Tennessee photo here:

Also, here is a picture of Sadie. 

She is very sleepy. I bet when we arrive tonight,(we need to stay in Hotel. That will be fun for these pups. 🙉) p I'm sure they will run around and wrestle and burn off a lot of energy, while the humans pass out! Tomorrow is move in day. We will be getting a little town home. I'm hoping this is a very temporary home while we continue to house hunt for our final permanent home in TN. Pray for us please. I'll keep you posted with more can related posts once I get in with my new oncologist and resume treatments. 

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