Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn Fashion Color Trends

Ah, the change of seasons. The heat is leaving the air and a faint chill is taking its place. The leaves are starting to dancing off of the trees and drift slowly towards the ground. As seasons change so do wardrobes and makeup. So, as many women, we turn our thoughts to working our existing outfits or adding to them, and changing up our making for the season. You'll even find your fellas wanting a few new items to add a new look to the collection. Oh, but what colors to chose? What is the flavor of the day? I'm here to try and sort some of this out.

Last Autumn the popular color was Purple. Surprise! For Autumn 2010 it would seem to be the Fashion industries bread winner again. Take a look around. You will see shades of purple everywhere. Polish, hair extensions, shadows, lipsticks, As well as clothing and accessories. I have even seen the lovely shade being used in the cute little merch marketed towards college students for their dorms. Who doesn't love a purple microwave or coffee pot, huh?

I've just tooled through the Victoria's secret catalog and it is a purple explosion in there. Other than PINK I can't think of a more feminine and girly color than PURPLE! It is going to be such fun this season. I've already done a bit of shopping online and in store. I've hit sephora, and now all that is left to do is thrifting and all will be complete for the season.

Pictures to follow :)


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