Monday, August 15, 2011

Coastal scents eyeshadow and a few of my most favorite things.

Hello people,
today I want to talk to you about a new palette that I have from coastal scents.  I also want to talk about a few of my most favorite brands and why they are favorites.

I ordered the smaller of the coastal scents palettes because when you order the 88 colors you end up with dozens of them you just don't like or won't use, and to me that just seems a waste.  So, I ordered the smaller one.  It arrived on Friday, and I have some swatches of the colors for you to view. 

The swatches are the colors from left to right, top to bottom.  So, the first arm swatch is the first three colors on the left and then so on to the right.

These three colors blend and wear very well together.  I have already worn them together and alone several times.

The yellow in this wave comes off looking golden when applied.  I really like the look.

These three are great for a smoky look with a hint of grayish green.

These are the colors that are in the last row.  They are very pigmented.

I do enjoy this palette.  I wish that it was magnetic so that the individual pans would stay put in the flat.  Overall, that is just one small inconvenience. The price on this product is a reasonable one.  The colors are great and the pigments is beautiful.  Plus it really stays put once on.  But I credit that to the Candy eyed eyeshadow primer from Lime crime that I use.  When you use this primer your shadow will not crease or move from your eye.  It truly extends the wear ability of The shadow.  The one that I just finished off was purchased in January.  So, one tiny little pan of eyeshadow primer gave me 8 months of product life.  That is really reasonable for how great it works.  Especially when you factor in the price.  It is only $17.00 for 7 grams/.25 ounces.   That amounts to pennies a day.  I just love that.

Another product that I am loving right now is burts bees beeswax lip balm.  I put that on every night before bed and it really has made my lips soft and kept them from having any Summer time dryness.  Plus it tastes good. 

I want to share with you a photo my daughter took of me last night.  It shows a photo of me when I was four months old and a photo of me in my current fuzzy head chemo condition.  The more you change the more you stay the same. 

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