Saturday, August 20, 2011

Repair broken eyeshadow or repot eyeshadow into another palette.

Hello people,

If you have ever had a favorite eyeshadow or blush break, you know frustration. Cosmetics are pricy and to spend a baby fortune and have it break is a huge bummer.  But there is a solution. 

What you need.
Broken eyeshadow, blush or just a cosmetic you would like to place into a different palette.
Palette to place it in.
Rubbing alchohol.
Wax paper.
Jeans if you want to create a cross hatch or a patterned paper towel to create a design. ( do this when it is almost dry)
Step 1: Mix your eyeshadow with a few drops of rubbing alcohol.  Stir it with a tooth pick or a q-tip that has the cotton bud removed.  Just before your shadow is still damp but NOT pastey from repairing your shadow with alcohol (you should be able to press on it with your fingers)
Step 2:  Place of wax paper over your shadow and firmly press down all over your eyeshadow. Even it out as smooth as you can.
Step 3: If there are cracks, mist it again lightly with your rubbing alcohol. 
Step 4: In order to make the cross hatch patter, take a piece of old jean fabric and press it down onto your slightly damp surface.  You don't have to do this, it just makes it pretty. 
Step 5: Carefully take one of the insideout legs and put it over the shadow and press firmly all over.
Step 6: There you go people!  All done. Just make sure that you let it dry completely.

Here some photos of the process I did.  These shadows are from the Lorac palette I got at Christmas time.  It is still pretty new, and in great shape.  But there are only a few shades in it that I use.  I have this amazing compact mirror that I won a while back and I hated all the shades that were in it.  So, I popped them out and replaced them with the favorite colors of shadow and the three lip shades that I like from the Lorac.  Below you will find the photo tutorial on how I did this. 

Old favorite purse compact

Lorac Christmas palette

internal pop out compartments of the compact

Rubbing alchohol

Wax paper
I used paper towel to create my pattern  

It took 30 minutes to do the whole process.  From popping out the old shadow from both palettes, to putting them into the new ones.  I can't bake this shadow because there are plastic components in the compact.  It should dry at room temp in about 12 hours.  At least that is how long I plan on letting it dry.  I can hardly wait for it to dry out so I can use it. 

Thanks for stopping by people!

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