Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Parker coffee house tour-Kunjani

Hello people, How are YOU? I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying Summer. I have been busy with family, and home, and gardening. There are tiny bell peppers that are growing. The ground squirrel has eaten a couple of them just as I was ready to pick them. So, Now I am picking them when they are still a bit small so the little jerk can't get them. I also have tons of little green heirloom tomatos, and cucumbers. One lonely strawberry plant and one lonely orange watermelon vine. I can't wait to try orange watermelon. I'll let you know how that goes, and if we get more than one melon. It looks as though we are moving forward on remodeling our kitchen and painting the house. I'd like to get all the carpet replaced with wood or tie, since I am not allowed to use the vacuum for fear of breaking my arm. It would make it easier and more comfortable for me to clean the house. It bugs me that I have to count on others to do the floors. GRRRR! So, I had chemo today. It was not fun at all and I do feel quite yucky tonight. On my way home I stopped at a coffee shop to begin a series of coffee shop tours I plan to do her in Parker Colorado. I have a video following this to show how it went. I hope you enjoy the video. Please comment below to let me know what your favorite coffee shop is and what your favorite drink is. I can't wait to hear from you Thanks for stopping by, Leslie

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