Monday, October 29, 2012

A few of the healthy snacks I have been enjoying lately

Hello People! How is everybody doing? I am feeling pretty good. I usually do after a week off from chemo treatment. Life is busy. we went to Vegas. Saw Cirque de Soliel there. The show was O. Really impressive. Still am wondering what the story line was though....LOL. I turned 47 on Friday. It was a nice day, and I got to see my sister Judy and her son, his wife, and their sweet 18 month old. Plus my mom made a nice meal. It made the day special. Saturday Mo and Anna and I went to see Argo and then to eat at Maggiano little Italy. YUM! Mo has been working on gutting our kitchen. He tore out the cabinets, and floors, and put new sub floor. Contractors put new windows in today. Now there are more contractors here to do lighting and electrical. It's a special joy to live without a sink and dishwasher! You should try it. Tomorrow I have chemo for a 3 week cycle. It will be my last for a while at least with Dr. R. I am heading back to Tx for warmer weather and my old oncologist Dr. Costa. I'll at least be there for the rest of the winter. I see Dr. Costa on Nov the 27th. I'm really looking forward to seeing him and his treatment team again. It will also be great to see and perhaps spend some time with E-dawg. (My son) Most details are yet to be determined. Such as living arrangements and what job I'll get. I will need to get a job in order to make ends meet. It will be totally worth it though in order to have less pain caused by the severe cold weather and and constant bitter wind that we have here in Elbert county Colorado. So, that is the news I've been referring to in my recent videos. To answer your unasked question, Mo and I are getting along fine. We are the best of best friends. This is just how we have to do things to keep healthy and comfortable. I have filmed a short video on some of the healthy snacks that I'm enjoying lately. Take a second and post a comment to share the snacks you enjoy. I love hearing from you guys. Leslie

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