Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back from seeing Cirque De Soliel O

Hello People, I am on my first day back from Vegas. We did a lot of things there that make it a beautiful life. First and foremost, we (Mo and I) spent time together. We took things pretty casual and unplanned. We hung out at Margaretta-ville, walked the strip, went to Vegas famous gold and silver pawn shop from Pawn stars. The second day there we went to the Hoover Dam, and had a lovely meal in Boulder City at Milo's wine shop. That evening we did some window shopping then went to see O. Now You all know how much I love makeup. There were some crazy makeup looks in this show. The show itself was beyond anything I had imagined. Swimming, flying, fire, diving, singing, dancing, acrobatics, light show, sound effects. We never had seen anything like it. Just amazing. I highly recommend going if you have an opportunity. If you have ever wondered about what it would take to recreate one of the looks from Cirque De Soliel, take a minute to watch this video of their makeup workshop. So much talent goes into all the details that put a huge production like that together. It is truly mind blowing. I hope you enjoyed the video. Being there was something that really added to my beautiful life. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie

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