Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm late / I'm late / For a very important date. No time to say "Hello." Goodbye. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

I'm getting into the spirit of the upcoming release of Alice in wonderland.  Such an amazing book to read.  Followed by the second book Through the looking glass.  There are some spectacular quotes from the book in the link above.  I can't wait for the moving to come out.  It promises to be amazing.  In the true spirit of our hurried Rabbit, who is late for a very important date, I made sure I wasn't late to order the new Book of Shadows III.  The Alice in wonderland pallette.  This should be arriving in my mail soon.  This time, I rushed to get it before it sold out.  The book of shadows II went so quickly at Christmas.   They were when I went to get one. 

In addition to the Book of Shadows, I stumbled upon the O P I Alice in wonderland polish set.  The colors are so lovely.  I did a swatch that you will see above.  The colors are from left to right:

Thank you muchness
Mad as a hatter
Off with her red
Absolutely Alice

The two glitters are so beautiful when you polish your nails with them.  I am not a true fan of glitter polish.  These have super fine glitter and go on so smoothly.  They do require two coats to have even color.  The resulting look is stunning.  The other colors are really quite glossy and rich.  There are other colors in the Alice in wonderland range.  You can find them anywhere O P I is sold.  Go down the rabbit hole, have an adventure with these new colors.  You will be glad that you tried them.  They are so fun.


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