Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Fashion hunt

Hello people,
I have been on a Fall fashion hunt.  My current search is for Long sleeve tee shirts that are fitted and feminine looking.  I have had a little luck finding shirts at forever 2, I got two long sleeve shirts while there I also treated myself to some awesome boots that will be trendy but in style for a long time if I take good care of them from mod cloth.  I also got a really cute messenger bag that is tan and red. It smaller version of a standard messenger bag.  It gives it a delicate, feminine style.  Last Spring I purchased an adorable coat that I haven't gotten to wear yet.  I'm waiting for cold weather to get here.  Hurry up Autumn!

So, here are the photos of the shirts, boots and purse.

this is a hoody tee shirt.  I love these, because I can cover my head and stay warm

This is a really roomy purse, with lots of pocket.  It should match a lot of outfits.

I love the detail of the buttons and how the flap folds down, the double stitching and the nice heel pegs on the heel.  Plus they sent extra heel pegs for when these wear out.       

So, my plan is that with jeans I already have and pants and skirt, I just need to add long sleeve shirts and sweaters to the equation.  Do any of you have ideas of online shopping or places that are chains where I can get shirts that are cut in a bit at the waist line to make the sweaters and shirts more feminine and less boxy looking?  I would Love for your to share your advice with me.

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