Sunday, January 20, 2013

Escape coffee shop, north Texas coffee shop tour

Hello people, It is a beautiful day here in the DFW area. The sun is shining, and the birds are singing. There is a feeling of Spring in the air. It is the perfect day to get outside. So Sadie and I have been taking longer walks than usual, and exploring our apartment complex more. There is so much more to this place than I had realized. We checked out the play area and the pool area. Met some neighbors who live right next door. They also have a doxi. His nickname is PITBULL? Mwahahahaha. Funny name for a doxi. He was super friendly to Sadie. That makes him a good dog in my book. We also explored beyond our neighborhood a bit. Eric (my son) and I went to a coffee shop to check it out. It seems the whole world is flooded with Starbucks. Not a bad place, but sometimes you just want something less corporate. More, neighborhoodish. So we did a search on good ol google. There were 20 starbucks near us and only 4 other coffee shops. One of them was Denny's. I wouldn't really consider that to be a coffee shop, but what evs. Well anyway, we went to check out this place called Escape. It turned out to be a great find! Check it out in the video below. Thanks for stopping by, Don't forget to like or subscribe!!! Leslie

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