Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing advances in cosmetic products for both sexes

In today's fast pace, stress driven world, it is important to stay looking young and attractive. This is ever more important for men as it is for women. In days of old, only women wore cosmetics. More and more these days, men are less shy about covering acne or blending uneven skin tone. Just as it is common place to see television personalities wearing makeup, you will now see men walking around unabashedly wearing it in their day to day lives. Unafraid of repercussion for their football watching, beer belching he man male buddies. You see.....they are probably wearing make up too. Wink wink.

There are so many amazing products to chose from. I will mention a few of my favorites. Let's start with erase paste and lemon-aide. These two products can beat down even the toughest of dark circles or redness for the dreaded zit or skin discoloration. Women have been using these secret potions for years. Now men have caught wind of it and want to get rid of their dark circles and blemishes also. Our recently departed Micheal Jackson had been a great friend to eyeliner long before goth became the flavor of the moment. Long before he came along the great male stars of Theatrical theater where wearing their stage makeup out in public. It was not a shocking event.

Now let us all think back. Way way way back. I'll say a word and lets see if you can guess what makeup they wore. Kiss......Yes, that is right. They wore full on face makeup. More like clown garb than "makeup". Next. Egypt.....kohl eyeliner, and body oils. These dudes where the kings of the winged eye look. Romans......These rugged men used chalk to whiten there faces, rouge to make themselves look as though they had a tan, and they used pumice stone to whiten their teeth. PUMICE the original tooth whitener. Yikes!

So, Ladies, if you have a fellow in your life, You may be wanting to hide your makeup bags.

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