Sunday, October 11, 2009

It has arrived!!!! Liquify!!

Oh I was so happy yesterday when my son brought in the mail. I had received my order from Sephora. This is what was inside. The Too face liquify shadow and eyeliner kit, and the Bliss foaming face wash. I am currently wearing the shadow and have turned into eyeliner. It is such a fun product. In the next few days I will have a photo snapped and put on the site. I've used the Bliss face wash and look forward to a little video report on how I feel about that product. Until then.

PS. Please remember that October is breast cancer awareness month. You don't have to wait for October to take care of your health though. Remember to do breast self check exams every month. If you haven't had a mammogram get one. Take it from me, you are never too young to have cancer. I was diagnosed at the age of 34. So please, take care of your health and check yourself.

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