Thursday, December 31, 2009

A clean slate

Well here we are at last.  The last day of an old year looking ahead to a year with a clean slate.  I used to make resolutions.  But they are to easy to break.  Now I just set a goal.  Similar but different.  With a resolution, you give yourself permission to fail, and with a goal, you give yourself something to achieve.  I jumped off the weight loss band wagon a long time ago.  So, that would make a lousy goal.  One year I set the goal to become more organized, one area of life at a time.  I actually hit that goal.  From my purse to my closet and hidden recesses in my home I decluttered. Now that change has become a habit.  Last year my goal was to do a blog and here I am.

It's easier to set a goal that is interesting to you.  Then at least you stand a chance of accomplishing it.  For instance.  Have you been wanting to take a trip somewhere?  Start saving.  Have you been wanting to try something new with you style, check out magazines and other media.  See what style sparks your interests and start keeping a folder on what you like.  Take it with you when you go shopping or to get your hair done.  This will help you to get another step towards who you want to be in 2010.  If there is something you have wanted to try or somewhere you have wanted to go but haven't write it down and make a date with yourself to do it.  Do you want to eat sushi, take painting classes, have curly hair, get a puppy or kitten?  Whatever you dream of in the year ahead, just think of it in baby steps and make a promise to yourself to make it happen.  Unless it costs millions and you don't have that laying around, you should be able to hit any goal.  Check your resolutions at the door and leave them there.

In this commercial driven time of year.  When most of what is advertised is diet companies, weight loss pills, fitness equipment that promises to turn you into Cinderella or Barbie.  It can be very hard not to feel a bit down on ourselves.  These are things you would normally make a resolution over.  You know, to join Jenny Craig, or buy a thigh master. LOL.  But that's be silly.  Your not silly.  So, instead of doing that, just tell yourself you will park a bit further from the door when you shop.  You'll add more veggies with your meal when you eat, or drink more water.  Do what is manageable.  As you strive for a more beautiful life, Tell that wicked voice inside saying all the  negative stuff that you are cutting yourself some slack.  Tell it to back off and then think of the things that you are doing right.  You are wonderfully and beautifully made to be who you are, and you are working hard on being the best you.  That is all one can do.  Remember, Everyone is already beautiful.  This other stuff is external and just adds garnish to what you already have.

My goal for this year, is to be more others centered.  One step at a time.  I will start by asking if anyone wants anything from the kitchen when I get up for a glass of water now.  Then I will go from there.  A little at a time, thinking of others as I go.

Happy new year to you all,

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  1. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris