Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year.

This is the most wonderful time of the year. People are excited. They are still high on turkey. The retail therapy is kicking in, and every body floating on a cloud of plastic happiness. Ya just got to love credit cards. Right?

Today I went to my doctor for my final appointment. The update on the lumps and bumps I shared with you last time is that they are benign!!! Oh happy happy joy joy!!! This is one happy girl.

I am also having a bit of a Christmas high. On my way home I swung into a Nordstroms to pick up a few stocking stuffers. While there I had to pass the cosmetic counters. Oh man, you know how hard it can be to resist the pull of those counters? You just can't. My goodness, this was like makeup mecca.

First I had to pass through the mac cosmetics area. The sky opened up, the angels were singing. I kid you not. All true. So many pretty colors. I was mesmerized. Then I saw the Clinique counter and checked it out. Nothing new there. Off to the Este' Lauder Counter. They have so many beautiful things there, and the bonus gift this season is amazing. Actually all the counters and product lines have such great gifts and extras.

The best counter was the last one I went to. It was the Smashbox counter. This is one I hadn't experienced before. The talented m.u.a who worked with me, Sarah, was very knowledgeable about the line. She did a full face look on me.  I felt so pretty.

Sarah is a really talented artist.  I think her ability is more natural than learned.  She just sort of flows as she chats with you.  It is as though you are hanging out with a lifelong girl friend.  She makes you so comfortable.  She is just that good!

If you would like to duplicate the look she used:

Halo powder in Light                                      shadows-torch, sienna, flamingo, vanilla cream
Hd concealer in light                                       eyeliner- in caviar
cheek contour kit in glam box                         brow tech in taupe
artifical light in flash                                        lip liner in nude, lip stick in sweet gloss in candid

If you live in Dallas and would like to get a special make over, stop by the Nordstroms in the Frisco Stonebriar mall.  Ask for Sarah.  She will hook you up. 

If you don't live in Dallas, just hit the mall and go to the counters in any of your favorite anchor stores.  Look for the first smiling friendly face and try something new and fun.  Ask to learn something new for your eyes, or cheeks or lips.  The worst that can happen is you'll have a blast, learn something new, and meet a nice new person.

Merry Christmas.
Happy shopping.

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  1. Leslie! I had fun working with you yesterday! Stop by anytime and we can play with the fun colors!