Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween costumes in a snap

Feeling a little pressure to come up with a costume?  Can't quite decide what you want to be?  Well, I can help with that.  There are so many companies that make kit these days.  I have put together a few of these pre-made kits to show you. 

Starting with a few of the kits that Sephora has to offer:
From top to bottom there is Vampire in a box, Peacock, Showgirl and Devil.  Accessories not included.  The kits are all so lovely.  The colors are all beautifully put together and they have great step by step instructions.  You can find video demonstrations for how to do each kit online at provides you with some very cool, creative ideas for getting your Ghoul on.  There are makeup kits, as well as costumes, wigs, masks, and eyelashes. 
Here are just a couple kits that I liked:

World of warcraft night elf kit.

Avatar na'vi kit.

Other internet sites that are great for getting your halloween goodies are:

If you want to do a costume off the rack locally, Party city is great for kits and for costumes.  Plus you can pick up your party supplies at the same time. Have a blast as you shop for yourself and for others to prepare for this time of year.  Two weeks to go. 


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