Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow Brings down the house on Glee

Holy Smokes!  Did you see Gwyneth on Glee last week?  Sue Sylvester seizes on another opportunity for control.  She uses a sick student as a biological weapon to take out the principal thus leaving her in charge.  After that Mr Shue is brought down by the Sylvester flu epidemic. Ms. Holly Holliday is brought in as Shue's Spanish class sub.  I was all like "Mr Shue who?"  She was AMAZING!  First showing up in a flash back that Kirt has when asking her to fill in for the ill Mr. Shuester.  He remembers her singing in his English class, conjunction junction.  Of course the daffy character Holly Holliday says "I thought you'd never ask" Or something to that affect.  She gets the kids all riled up about doing things different while the teacher is away.  So, they play.  And it is good.  Holly accepts a throw down challenge from Rachel.  She breaks out in song with Cee-Lo's "Fuck you" Re-dubbed for the show as "Forget you"  She completely PWN Rachel.  Hilarity ensues As Sylvester goes all control freak and stops serving tots in the lunch room.  This leads to Mercedes stuffing tots up the tailpipe of Sue's Le Car.  This gets Holly fired as a permanent fill for Will, and back down to sub teacher status she goes.  Once Mr Shue is back his class isn't thrilled about the old music and structure that he brings with him, despite their love for him. They enjoyed the musical explorations. Will decides to ask Holly to help him make singing in the rain more modern.  She says, "I thought you'd never ask".  Sort of a catch phrase for her.  The show ends with glee singing a Rocking version of Singing in the rain/Umbrella. 

This show is so happy to watch.  It has been a fizzle the past few weeks for me.  So this weeks appearance of Gwyneth infused it with a whole new energy.  She was stunning as usual.  She had several looks on the show. A gogo type singer look, the sleek hiphop look when singing Cee-Lo, and a neutral look as Mary Todd Lincoln. I had to find out who did her makeup and how it was done.  You'll find a video below of the artist that works on Gwyn.  It is a really short video.  Her look is very simple and easily achievable.  I think you will enjoy it.  Also at the end of this article you will find the video from Glee with the cast singing, Singing in the rain/Umbrella.  Watching these two videos will lift you up, give you ideas for your "look" and get your foot tapping.  Ain't it a Beautiful Life?



  1. oh man! i LOVED this episode of Glee. who knew Gwen could sing! her rendition of Forget You in the beginning was my fave. can't wait for more Glee.

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  2. I enjoyed this episode soooo much too. It was a nice change. I hear she is coming back for another episode or two. That will be great to watch!