Monday, November 22, 2010

My top ten beauty product choices of the past decade.

My top ten beauty product choices of the past decade.

Wow, People we are almost through the first decade of the 2000's. It is amazing how quickly it has passed. Over the past 10 years I am sure that you have tried and tossed dozens of beauty products. Some are completely wonderful, and others are garbage from the word go. I have long forgotten the garbage products. But there are so many that stand out over these past Ten Years. I'd like to take this opportunity to share my top Ten list for the first decade of 2000's

1. Urban Decay primer potion.

This has kept my peepers fresh from the time my shadow goes on throughout the day.

2. Fiber wig mascara.

This gives your eyes the look of wearing false eyelashes without looking fake.

3. Sally Hanson hard as nails.

This polish has helped me to get thicker, healthier, longer nails.

4. Makeup forever microperfecting primer.

Makeup forever primer leaves your skin with the perfect foundation for holding your makeup in place. It is very picture worthy.

5. Makeup forever HD microfinish powder.

HD microfinish powder leaves your face ready to be photographed or filmed, and look flawless while you do.

6. Benefit erase paste.

This is a wonder paste that is perfect for covering flaws, such as acne, scars and dark under eye circles. As well as a butterfly rash on your cheeks.

7. Peter Thomas Roth lashes to die for mascara.

I use this for everyday wear. It gives long defined eyelashes.

8. Lime Crime magic dust.

A miracle for long lasting impressive eyes. Certain shades work well as blush or even lipstick if mixed with a clear gloss. Very versatile.

9. Dead sea salt products.

The salt is terrific for keeping your hands exfoliated, and buffing the yucko stuff off of your dry feet.

10. Bio oil.

Bio oil has been great for helping my scars to heal, using on my face for wrinkle prevention and smooth healthy skin.

These are my top of the top this past decade. Tell me people, what are the top ten for your past decade. Write in and tell me about in your comments. I can't wait to hear all about it!!


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