Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Royal wedding announcement

Now my people, who didn't see this one coming? Come on. Speak up!? Who didn't see it coming. For darn near 10 years our Prince Willy has been playing house with the beautiful young commoner (as they say in the Royal Palace)Kate Middleton. By most state laws in America and some laws in other countries in the world they would be considered legally married already. So, the whole land has been waiting with much anticipation and speculation as to when this Union would take place.  Apparently even bookies have been making book on the date of the announcement.  Tada! Low and behold Prince Willy popped the question on the most romantic of adventures while shooting unsuspecting animals in the wilds of Africa on safari. I can just imagine it in my head. "oh Kate will you do me the honor... Oh, YES William, YES! YES" Kate says in interviews that it was a truly romantic and private moment. Aw shucks.  Those two goofy kids.  Just shooting big game in the wilds of Africa and being all romantic.  I just feel all gooshie inside.  No really,  I'm just so happy that they are planning their future together. I wish them the best. Here is a little photo of them making their announcement, and a photo of the ring that William gave her. It is the same ring that his Father gave to his mother. William says that he gave it to Kate so that his Mother would be part of it all. I think that is very sentimental and lovely of him.

Don't they make a beautiful pair.  Now we have seen the ring.  Isn't that usually the first question after the engagement?  OHHHH, let me see the ring.  Then the girls start talking about what kind of dress you are going to get.  I thought Diana was a beautiful bride.  Her dress was gorgeous.  The one word of advice I'd offer lovely Kate is to skip the mile long train on the gown.

 That train gave the poor girl so much trouble during her long, long walk down the isle.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I am sure that William and Kate will have a wonderful wedding and a wonderful, beautiful life.  They have already started it in a much different way.  By starting on their terms.  I wish them the very best.  Happy Royal Wedding To you William and Kate.


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