Monday, December 20, 2010

Could you wear the elegance of the past today?

  Sigh, I went to the civil war museum with my family this weekend. My daughter needed to go for her college mini semester History class. I thought it was going to be a true snooze fest. It was a really fun and interesting time. The most fun for me was the section of the museum that had period dresses, fans, necklaces, and other accessories. I took some photos to share with my people. I hope you find these items as lovely as I did.

This necklace is beautiful.  Some of you may find this crafty, others may find it creepy.  Either way it's an interesting fact.  This necklace is woven from human hair.  

All hand embroidered.
 This is all hand embroidered.

 This is a friendship fan covered in signatures.
 This is an evening cape.

 Evening ball gown.

Well, that was the period dress section.  It was very exciting to share it with you.  So my question is.  Could you dress like this?  Crinoline hoop skirts?  Man a lot of work goes into each stitch of that hand embroidery.  You would definitely have to wear these dresses a whole lot to make it worth it.  I love the style.  But I am glad to be in this generation where you can buy retro or buy reproduction vintage clothing.  My period is anywhere from the 30's through now.  What's your style?  Post in the comments below.


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