Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spiral curls-they are the girliest.

Yesterday I got the urge to feel girly and put spiral curls in my hair.  When I was very little.  My mom used to put dippity doo in my hair and then wrap section with sponge curlers before bed while my hair was still wet.  In the morning when She removed them, she would call them banana curls.  They looked like Nelly Olsen curls.  That is really cute when you are 8.

So, I took up my spiral curling iron and put some curls in.  I sectioned off my hair from ear to ear and pinned the amount above my ears to the top of my head and curled the bottom.  When that was done I did another section from temple to temple, then pinned the top part up, and curled this next section.  Then repeated this with the final section.  Here is a photo.

There are a variety of ways to get your hair to have the spiral curl look.  From rag wrapping, to spiral irons, and the above mentioned sponge rollers and dippity doo.  LOL.  There are a few new products that are pretty simple.  I have included video and links for them below.

The first one is called curlformers.  These can be bought at Sally Beauty. 

Another option to get sleek spiral curls is a product called clip & curl spiral.  You can purchase these on Ebay or on  Below is a video for the product:

One more product is called rageaze.  They make disposable rag curlers that require no heat.  I suppose you could reuse them a time or two if you wanted to.  They look pretty cool.  

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of your spiral curl options.  It has been fun to research this one.


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