Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No New years Resolutions, How about creating a new identity instead?

Yes People, New Years is upon us and the universe, or at least most of the people in expect us to make resolutions for change.  I say,"Fogetaboudit!" Instead of deciding to lose weight, stand up to your boss, organize your closet, try getting a new identity.  Now, I don't mean run out and become American's most wanted.  Or steal someone's birth certificate and take over their life.  instead just change your identity.  Let me unbox it for you.  First think of all the times you have caught yourself looking at someone else and saying I wish I were more like her.  Well, what is stopping you?  You like her red hair.  I hear that comes in a box.  You dig her style of dress,  ask her where she shops.  Get where I am heading with this.  She is confident and You, not so much.  Well, think of it as rehearsing for a play in your head.  Rehearse it over and over until it becomes part of you.  Rehearse being confident and saying confident things.  Walk into a room with your shoulders back, the girls at attention, and pretend you're confident.  The people looking at you think you really are.  They have no idea you're just acting.  That is quite a magic trick huh?

Maybe you really do want to change your identity.  Maybe seriously you have a dangerous situation in your life.  Scary abusive husband, boyfriend or family member.  Let me start at the beginning with this.  First off, there are a lot of places to reach out to for help.  The police, social service, child protective services.  If for some reason you want to skip this step and you are over the age of 18 you can do these things. I have done a simple google search as well as a search on my State of Texas County clerk website.  I am in no way offering you legal advice.  This is just information that I've found in researching new identities.  I should also state that by going to the county clerk and asking for a petition for a name change, they will automatically give you all the proceeding paper work and advice. You can go to the county clerk and petition for a name change by asking for a deed poll.  Get an order to grant a name change.  Sign a legal backer form.  Sign a legal affidavit of consent.  Post an add in the classified, (bury it in a section that it won't easily be found) stating that you are changing your name.  Then after you have taken these steps you should be should be able to change your name and possibly your social security number if you have personal security reasons.  All of the above things can be done with out the assistants of a lawyer.  It is one trip to the county, one add in the paper, and you can have your new social security card sent to a P.O box.  So, that is your new identity if you are being victimized.

I am thinking more of taking your identity into hyper drive and becoming an uber version of yourself.  I'm going to get fresh with my hairstyles. I have already purged the old Leslie wardrobe.  The things that just made me feel the most icky when I wore them.  I have already begun to wear heals almost every day.  It isn't about becoming a stepford wife for me.  Really it's more like, I just want to find myself more enchanting, more whimsical, more, fresh and approachable.  More fun.  Just MORE.  So you can say that my new identity is MORE willing to try more of everything.

As the New Year approaches who will you be in your new identity.  A ninja, a princess, a tomb raider, or how about a zombie.  I can easily be that at 7 a.m.

Well my people, thank you for listening to my long and rambling rants.  Happy new Year!

:)  Leslie

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