Friday, December 31, 2010

Year In Review

Awww, My people. The year has come to a closing. It is time to look back and see what we have left behind us. So much has happened. We had Balloon boy, Conan's last late night show, and first tbs show. Apple unveiled the ipad. Toyota had a  recall. New Orleans wons the Super Bowl. Then of course who could forget the year starting with the news of Tiger Woods affair, and Mid year news conference apology.

In Fashion there were some amazing fashions. Shirts and dresses that had one shoulder on and one shoulder off, knee socks, lace on everything, jump suits, the military look, anything gaga, headbands and bows, boots, and  boyfriends jackets.

There were some exceptional movies too this year. Just off the top of my head here are some that I saw and really enjoyed. The last air bender, the book of Eli, Alice in Wonderland, Toy story 3,  and Iron man 2.

Tv shows that I have been liking. The first one comes with a disclaimer. While I have been enjoying this show in the past I am now finding that it is leaving a distinct nasty aftertaste. Sort of like a horrid hang over. Maybe more like the wreck on the highway you have to look at because you have been stuck in traffic for 30 minutes to get there so you feel it is your right to look. But once you look you are deeply disappointed. That show is Glee. Then I also watch outsourced, downsized (a cable show) the apprentice, fringe, and finally undercover boss.

I tried to think of my top songs for 2010, but I have so many on my itunes right now. I guess for recent music Lenny Kravitz- American woman, Jason Mraz Only Human, Manafest- Avalanche.

Favorite places to shop online are sephora, mod cloth,

Well, my favorite people in the world are my family. The people I most want to meet in the world are you. So, send me a comment on your favorites of 2010. Or tell me your worst. I would love to hear any of them. Don't be shy. Introduce yourself.

Happy New Year,


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