Saturday, July 9, 2011

Exciting blog find @ Beauty Diaries.

 Hello People!  Happy Day to you all!  This morning as I ready my Google alerts about all things beautiful, I discovered a truly incredible blog.  It may have been around for awhile, but it all new to me.  It was so much fun exploring this site.  Here is why.

Site administrator is a very unique woman who lives in India named She is a software engineer, and a Lover of all found and yet undiscovered beauty products.  Kimi posts on July 9th about Channel's rough allure Velvet.  It will be launched this coming Autumn. You should head over there and check out the post.  Since it is already the 10th of July in India, you can read tomorrows post today!!  Here is a link to the blog:

This is a beautifully laid out, very informative, terrific post that are well spoken.  I only hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have.

Quick update on my chemo.  This was my two round week.  I did much better this time because I didn't get sick.  But I know that the drugs are working, because I am in pain everywhere that there is cancer.  Hips, arm, chest and sore lungs.  So, for today I embrace the pain knowing that it is a healing pain.  Thanks all for all your thoughts and prayers.