Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to do hairstyles when you have lost your hair.

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You may wonder what people who lost their hair to cancer do to be stylish.  Well, aside from the obvious buying hats and scarves, There are a lot of wig options out there. So, If you want to change styles, just change wigs. Most insurances offer a prescription for a person with cancer or alepicia to receive a wig.  Once you get that you find a wig shop and they help you to find a wig that suits you.  Most wigs are not in stock but are ordered to your specifications.  Then when it arrives you can have it trimmed to a style you like. 

You have seen my wig.  It is a bit shorter than the hair I had prior to the chemo hair loss.  I felt like it didn't give me much options for hair styling.  So, I went to a couple of wig sites.  One is:
There is quite a select of lengths, colors and types to choose from.  Human hair or synthetic hair.  Plenty of colors to look at, and layered or straight.  It is a cool site.

I ordered my second wig from  I decided to go with a longer one that was closer to my color. The new one is a human hair synthetic blend.  You can actually us a curing or straightening iron on it.  So, now I have variety.  With all those hats, scarves and two wigs to wear depending my mood.

Here are a few photos of my many looks.

I went with bangs on the longer wig.  Mo likes bangs.  I'm not sure he liked these until we had some of the hair around  my face cut to frame it more.  I really like the longer wig.  What do you think of it?

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