Thursday, July 21, 2011

Madona, the material girl, launches new products

Madonna, not living through her daughter Lourdes
 Here's the scoop my people,
Madonna (yes the material girl) and her 14 year old daughter are working in the big leagues now.  The are expanding Material girl brand to include cosmetics, polishes, lip glosses an d body sprays.  Apparently in England body spray is used a deodorant.  Interesting eh?  While this is Madonna's brand, Lourdes had her involvement in the creation of the body scents.  She picked the names and sampled the scent that went into each of the sprays.  The new body products have fun names like Wicked Watermelon, Flirty Fruit, Midnight Magnolia and Sinful Sugar.  
In addition to the cosmetics and body products, they are also coming out with bras, and bustier.  Here are a few photos:

If you find yourself excited by the prospect of these new products, You can find all of them  this Fall at Macy's. 

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