Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sally Hansen salon nail effects

Inspired by all the people who are trying Sally Hansen nail effects, I decided to try them as well. I confess that Doe Deere from Lime crime blogged about these, and I just had to check them out. I have blogged about the OPI nail stickers in the past.  So, this blog is focused on comparing the two products.

This is definitely the grooviest manicure I have ever had.  
Having tried the OPI and now the Sally Hansen, I say they are so different from one another.  The OPI is thicker and bubbled when I put it on.  It also bubbled and I couldn't unattach it and reapply.  The design was beautiful and it did stay put for about 5 days.  There are 16 designs to choose from

The Sally Hansen was thinner, easier to pull off and reattach.  It also has more nail strips so you can get a more perfect fit for each nail.  There is a lot of choices in nail designs.  23 designs to choose from.  Reading the Sally Hansen blog, people are saying that the strips can last up to two weeks.

They are both great products.  I like not smelling the polish or remover.  Between the two I favor Sally Hansen.  Only because I can remove it and place it better on my nail.  With OPI, once that puppy stuck it was impossible to remove and reposition. 

I hope you will take some time to treat yourself with one of these products.  It is nice to have a pretty manicure.  You deserve it.

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